Dimora delle Balze

Dimora delle Balze

96017 Noto, SR, Italy - Build completed in 2016

Dimora delle Balze

Reginella srl (Dimora delle Balze) as Other

Bought in September 2009, Dimora delle Balze is a nineteenth-century estate in which time doesn’t seem to have passed. The walls, the floors and the ceilings tell fascinating stories filled with a Mediterranean scent, eager to be listened to. As Mara Morrone writes in the book “Massa, massari e masserie siracusane”, the area on which the estate is built was named “Passo Latru” because of the several bandit gangs who forced the former owners to build walls and defensive embrasures, still recognizable today. The estate has a big quadrangular courtyard which, on its left side, is overlooked by the rooms formerly destined to the farmer’s dwelling, to the storage, and to the stables. In the right wing, instead, an ancient gate leads to the manor-house. The interior is composed of a large number of rooms, where there are authentic and suggestive Rinascimento frescoes, brought back to their original splendour. Last but not least, the Manor Garden, formerly enhanced by stone benches, today hosting the remains of the pre-existing classical columns and terraces, set up with armchairs and custom-made design objects. Through a preservative restoration characterised by a detailed research of unique objects, vintage and design elements, the fascination of the Mediterranean past is passed down, synthesis of the island’s invasions, harmoniously blending with the contemporary taste.

The energy conveyed by the ancient frescoes, the original vaults, the traditional colours, maintained in the interior and in the exterior, creates a homey atmosphere which you wouldn’t ever want to get rid of. Here in the Estate you regenerate. The overflowing force of nature captivates all senses by offering unique colours, fragrances and avours, nourishment for body and soul. The majestic green plants invade all the estate, which extends to about 27 hectares, cultivable for the most part and 100% Bio certified. Inside it and in the many adjoining areas, ancient caves can be seen. Many pieces of a unique story, our history, our roots.

It is the attention to details that makes this place so magical; this is possible thanks to the cooperation of Elena Lops, the artist and designer Draga Obradovic, Stefano Guidotti, and Cristina Piccinelli. Following an accurate search, artists such as Valentine Herrenschmidt and Katrine Arens were chosen, as well as some of the most successful designers, among which Paola Navone. We chose furniture especially created by local craftsmen to communicate a sense of belonging. The lighting engineering part on the inside and the outside has been curated by Luca Turrini’s studio, with the production of Renzo Serafini. The magic released by this place makes it the ideal location not only for wedding ceremonies, but also for vernissages, photo exhibitions, fashion shows, events which could be hosted both indoor, in the halls of the manor building and outdoors, such as in the saltwater pool, the lounge or the lemon orchard. In addition, the vastness of the estate, along with the enchanting panorama, makes it the perfect place for stage events, photo shootings or movie sets.

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