Dizzy Heights
Nicholas Watt

Dizzy Heights

Bruce Stafford Architects as Architects

"Dizzy Heights", aptly named by Landscape designer Matt Cantwell of Secret Gardens, almost hangs over the vertical cliff face of Dover Heights dress circle homes precinct.


The house, a simple “L’’ shape double storey part brick and part lightweight construction, comprises living areas at ground floor and bedrooms above, all with panoramic ocean views. 


Constructed in the 1970’s and modified over the years, Bruce Stafford Architects was appointed to give the house a makeover, as well as re-organising the internal spaces to accommodate a larger family.


Conti Constructions, Bruce Stafford Architects and Secret Gardens had completed a waterfront home for the owners previously, so clients, architects, landscape designers and builders had a very good working relationship from the outset. Understanding of working methodology, trust and mutual respect, as well as a rigorous budget formed the first building block for this collaborative effort.


From day one, the design process involved builder, client and landscape designers. The design concept was to integrate the cliff and house as an integrated element, not only to celebrate the ‘’dizzy heights’’ of the site, but also a ‘’coastal’’ atmosphere not only in terms of landscape, but also in terms of furnishing and finishes.


Interior designers Hare and Klein were appointed to provide an interior concept with a similar narrative which could be loosely defined as “Coastal Chic”; smart enough to be a luxe urban abode and also casual enough to be a beach house.


As the owner had a very limited time line, the builder commenced construction while the documentation was taking place and close co-operation between builder and design team was essential and many design decisions were made on site during construction.


Conti Constructions not only incorporated this concept in their approach to the project, but paid meticulous attention to the detail.

Material Used :

1. Eco Outdoor - Cocullo Limestone Brushed finish

2. World Stone – Rilio Marble

3. Sandstone cladding

4. Nash Timbers - Roasted Blackbutt Peat Front Door

Project team
Structural Engineer
Landscape Architects
Product Specifications
Eco Outdoor®Eco Outdoor®Cocullo Limestone Brushed finish
World StoneRilio Marble
Nash TimbersRoasted Blackbutt Peat Front Door
520 West 28th Street
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520 West 28th Street

New York, United States - Planned in 2017
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