Dolman Oral Surgery

Dolman Oral Surgery

Mojo Stumer Associates

Dolman Oral Surgery

Mojo Stumer Associates as Architects

The primary goal of the design for the NYC location of Dolman Oral Surgery was to achieve a clean and sophisticated, yet thoroughly functional, modern medical office, a task made difficult by restrictive space constraints and minimal exterior exposure. In early space planning, primary spaces were separated by function, allowing more medically intensive treatment rooms and surgical suites to be isolated from patient consult and recovery rooms. Custom wall and door panels of metal and etched glass provide visual separation between these spaces, while maximizing daylight into the space through the single window wall. The openness of the planning concept and transparency of the wall assemblies combine to achieve a high level of daylight even into portions of the office located away from the window wall. To further maximize efficiency, circulation was simplified and minimized to two primary corridors, each straight and lined in glass, connecting at a central service point where patients can be directed by staff.

The reception area is the focal point of the space, where the goal of meeting patients with a sleek and state-of-the-art modern aesthetic is achieved through a delicate balance of white glass, lacquer, brushed stainless steel, and blackened metal. In response to the client’s planned technology package and paper-reduction plan, the administrative areas were simplified and removed of all extraneous cabinets and file drawers, further increasing the efficiency of the floor plan and allowing the minimalism of the architecture to be the highlight of the space. The custom reception desk consists of a floating plane of polished white lacquer intersected by a metal chair rail, backed only by a full height glass panel. The ceiling above is accented by a grey cabinetry soffit with metal inlays, and a simple yet characteristic collection of art is integrated into the architecture, providing an accent of color.

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