dt clinic

dt clinic

Çorum, Çorum Merkez/Çorum, Turkey | View Map
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Hacer Bozkurt

Dt Dental Clinic

studio hcrbzkrt as Photographers

Dt Dental Clinic designed and constructed by ofistab.

Anatolian town centers have been structured primarily for commercial function, ignoring urban planning methods for many years. Uncontrolled and unqualified structural interventions in city centers spread gradually. DT Dental Clinic is located in such a complex and busy town center with high-density pedestrian and vehicle circulation in Çorum. The clinic emerged as a result of an architectural quest that aims to get out of this dense context with its own plain style. Simplicity one of the important keys of this project. A plan scheme has been designed to meet the needs of the clinic team and visitors during the day. The clinic consists of three main zones such as the clinic zone, the guest zone, and the staff zone. 

The clinic zone; consists of eight policlinic rooms and service units such as sterilization, observation room, panoramic imaging room, photo studio, operating room, accounting, and interview room. It has been designed in plain language, taking into account the need for close relationships between these service units. In these zones, white color was preferred for the spaces and furniture. We aimed to provide maximum benefit from daylight that all policlinic rooms were in access with the facade. Metal mesh surfaces, a semi-permeable facade layer, were used on the facade to keep a well-controlled visual relationship with the outdoor. In this way, the facade system of the clinic had a more unique expression. 

The guest zone; has an open plan system that gives a cozy atmosphere to the patients before operations and also includes a lounge, kitchenette, toilets, prayer room, and kids playground. This zone is more includes more colorful details than the clinic zone to relax the patients.

The staff area; hasn’t direct connections with the guest zone and clinic zone. This space designed for the usage of the clinic team for their daily needs. The staff area consists of restrooms, lockers areas, technical services, and a dentist room.

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