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Project • By Sabrab SaHospitals

Clinica Dentária Cascais Santa Madalena by sabrab

The project is developed in a building with three floors with about 1250m2 of construction area and parking in the basement.The framing for the Serra de Sintra was one of the assumptions in the layout distribution allowing the waiting areas to also become spaces for visual contemplation.The layout of the Clinic's interior spaces started from the maximum use of natural light for the work areas, thus reducing the environmental footprint in the building.The clinic has a set of dental specialties, separated by specific wings, in a total of eighteen offices, including a recovery room with a special setting for the Sintra mountains in a reserved area on the 1st floor of the building.The building has a central area that allows the separation in di... More

Project • By JCPCDR ArchitectureOffices

Paris dental studio

For most people, going to the dentist isn't exactly something to look forward to. Some of us even dread the idea to the point of avoiding it until it is absolutely necessary. No matter how technological, clean, or modern the cabinet is.   Created by 4 young and renowned parisian dentists, Paris Dental Studios proposes a new approach to dental health, and wishes to transform your dentist appointment into a relaxing moment of self-care.   To achieve this warm and laidback, yet high end atmosphere, young parisian agency JCPCDR Architecture was commissioned by Paris Dental Studios with a simple brief : to make it different, to put the customer’s experience first, with access to the latest medical technology, and to address t... More

Project • By studio hcrbzkrtHospitals

dt clinic

Dt Dental Clinic designed and constructed by ofistab. Anatolian town centers have been structured primarily for commercial function, ignoring urban planning methods for many years. Uncontrolled and unqualified structural interventions in city centers spread gradually. DT Dental Clinic is located in such a complex and busy town center with high-density pedestrian and vehicle circulation in Çorum. The clinic emerged as a result of an architectural quest that aims to get out of this dense context with its own plain style. Simplicity one of the important keys of this project. A plan scheme has been designed to meet the needs of the clinic team and visitors during the day. The clinic consists of three main zones such as the clinic zone,... More
Clinica Medis Dentária
Clinica Medis Dentária
Clinica Medis Dentária
Clinica Medis Dentária

Project • By Sabrab SaHospitals

Clinica Medis Dentária

This Dental clinic and backoffice is developed on just one floor, in the center of Lisbon, Portugal. The inspiration of this project was the facade in Glass to intruce the light into all the work space. The entrance to the clinic and the offices are made through the main access of the building, and there is a separation of routes for each spaces, clinic and offices. The area defined as a clinic includes a waiting and service room located on the main front of the building. The central area of the skylight includes a meeting room, two public toillets, and one of them adapted for people with reduced mobility. In the clinical area there are three administrative offices, nine dental offices, sterilization room, orthopantomography room, waste... More

Project • By CORPUS ARCHITECTSHospitals

Dental Studio "My Dental"- Interior design project

Dental studio "My Dental' is a private family run dental practise. The design concept of the project incorporates the combination of minimalistic lines,  warm colours and round shapes, thus giving the feeling of a modern and in the same time comfortable space. In this project we had the pleasure to work with our partners from Modulor Studio, Sofia who did their best to bring the project to the realization point.  More

Project • By Alem arquitecturaCare Homes

Clínica dental Martín&Encabo

Dental clinic Martín&Encabo Fuenlabrada, Spain Published by: Alem arquitectura More