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The cultural youth centre Dynamo makes up the north-western corner of Smalle Haven, the area for which Jo Coenen & Co has designed the master plan. It is a no nonsense accommodation for Eindhoven’s youth, replacing a basic building where the organization was housed in the past. Dynamo is a social service organization that provides practical assistance to young people in matters of schooling, housing, income and work. Dynamo also keeps loitering youngsters off the street by providing sports facilities, a fitness room and a pop music auditorium with a capacity of 550 visitors.

To keep the youngsters off the street but not isolated from it, the building has an open entrance zone and a large window that connect the inside with the outside. In the daytime, the window’s glass pane reflects the Catharina Church across the street, while at night it displays the activities that are going on inside. Behind the large window is a ‘square’ with a huge void above it, around which all functions have been grouped. All the floors have elements which are open to the public, which makes for a lively atmosphere throughout the building. Halfway up are the offices of the social workers. This void is dominated by steel grids and various shades of red, which form a warm contrast with the building’s brown skin. The facade is of a roughness that suits a youth centre; its panels consist of concrete pigmented with eleven colours and still show the traces.

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