Eclética Centro de Música

Eclética Centro de Música

0E1 Arquitetos
Nova Prata, RS, Brazil | View Map
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Marcelo Donadussi

Eclética Centro de Música

0E1 Arquitetos as Architects

The design for this music school is based upon the creation of two hermetic chambers to house rehearsals inside a large space in a historic building located in Nova Prata, Brasil. The configuration of such boxes turns the residual space into two ambients that, even though are continuous, configure different spaces for different activities.


The proposal aims to enrich the users experience while using the as little compositive elements as possible. When entering the school, one arrives at a foyer located between two chambers, where the administration and reception are; going further inside the school, a new space emerges, where students can practice before and after class, interacting and sharing knowledge.


The interior of the chambers was designed in order to optimize the acoustics and the comfort of the users. The lighting solution maintains the 3,65-meter-high ceiling and creates a lower light surface, increasing the comfort without losing the acoustic properties of the original building.


A series of furniture were designed to meet the overall resource economy of the project. The material used in the furnishing is the same OSB that covers the interior of the chambers, assuring unity to the design. The different models satisfy the different users needs, from instrument practice to administrative functions.

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