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Eddy Wolff

Design Poets
Gold Coast QLD, Australia
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Andy MacPherson

Eddy + Wolff

Design Poets as Architects

Eddy + Wolff (@eddyandwolff) is a new, small restaurant on the Gold Coast. The constrained space has been designed in the same style as a small, modern Japanese bar by Khoa Nguyen of Brisbane-based interior design studio Design Poets (@designpoets). Photography by @andymacphersonstudio


Q + A with Khoa and owner's (husband and wife duo Eddy + Vien) below...


DESIGNER - KHOA'S Q + A - Who initially contacted you from Eddy & Wolff, and what was their design brief? Thao and Vien contacted me a couple of years ago. We’ve been on this journey together, trying to find the right space for their concept. Their design brief for the space was “to be transported to a Japanese bar” as soon as you walk in. 


- What colour palette did you use, and why did you choose it? I went for some really harsh elements concrete, dark timber, and a concrete polished plaster. However combined with pink suede, well executed lighting and some sexy curves it makes the space a lot softer and quite intimate. 


- Were there any challenges? The challenges were trying to reticulate all the necessary services to the tenancy as there were none existing. 


- What are the statement features? The mirrored bulkhead, the curves on both walls, the shopfront brickwork, the amazing concrete floor. There are only a few elements to this store and they all work together harmoniously. 


- Why were Eddy & Wolff amazing to work with? They’re just good humans, I’ve never taken on a job for money, only if I think people are worth it and Thao and Vien have definitely become more than just clients.



Our story of Eddy + Wolff means so much to us. 

Thao: I grew up on Eddy Cres

 Vien: And I grew up on Wolff Cres.
 It's where we met and when our journey all began. This is why we created this place so we can all meet you here. 


- Imagine a small bar in Asia, whether it be Japan or Hong Kong. Off the beaten track meaning somewhere where you wouldn’t think you’d find us. A place you’d step into and feel like it’s not something that’s on the Gold Coast. 


- A cosy intimate space that transports you into another time, that will immerse you in flavours that are true and authentic, full of heart and soul from everything we loved eating growing up in Canberra and from our travels from all over Asia. 


- Our space will allow you to reminisce about your old school days from the music we play or your travels to Asia from the flavours in our dishes, we would like you to feel a sense of belonging, a connection that will take you back to where we ‘all’ came from.

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