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Ertac Home

Istanbul, Turkey
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Ertac Home

EDDA Architecture as Interior Architects

Ertac Home, where Ece and Yusuf Ertaç live together with their children, has an inspiring charm where the dazzling mink tones meet the richest earth tones of nature and is soaked with natural daylight every day. In the modern project created by Interior Architect and Restorer Eda Tahmaz, the founder and chief designer of EDDA Mimarlık, each piece is specially designed and manufactured for this modern house. The design project of the detached house including a garden of about 450 square meters lasted for 4 months. Ece Ertaç, one of the hosts, defines Interior Architect Tahmaz as a person who has her own style and reflects her thoughts very well to the customer, while underlining that the project production period is the most important process.

When they started the project of the new house in Gölpark, it was quite easy to do the infrastructural work and to make other big changes in the project because it was still the rough construction work. The location of some of the rooms has been changed while also changing the entire infrastructure. The only request of the host, Ece Ertaç, was to make the kitchen open to the garden, so the kitchen on the entrance floor was moved downstairs. As soon as you exit from the kitchen, the small organic garden welcomes you, which turns into a festival area in the summer with strawberries, cucumbers, tomatoes and peppers. The different corners of Bahçe include cherry, plum, apricot, pear, damson, and green and red apple trees.

The furniture from the old houses of the hosts in Göktürk was also used in this house, but only after they were measured and their fabrics were renewed. According to Interior Architect Tahmaz, renewing the used pieces and combining them with new alternatives was the right way to create a project.

When starting the project, mink was chosen as the background color and brown tones were used. Adding colors such as yellow and purple has brought vitality to the living room in the house filled with natural daylight in every room. Only the kid’s rooms have been drawn according to the individual colors and preferences of the children independently of the overall style of the house. Almost all the furniture is the interior architect’s own design. The interior architect who loves to use different lighting alternatives and creates depth and mobility has designed the lighting accessories by herself and had them made by Papirüs Aydınlatma.

All the parquet floors in the house were chosen from Polen Mimarlık. Curtain fabrics were also supplied from Persan. Indicating that Turkey is able to produce very high quality ceramics and vitrified tiles, the interior architect has chosen all the sanitary ware from Vitra. All of the doors have been dismantled and replaced with designs that are suitable for the project.

The space in the entrance was later created and designed as a warmer and more convenient reception area with the puffs and mirrors designed by the interior architect. A hidden cloakroom is created using bronze and regular color mirror covers. The dark borders starting from the ceiling in this area lead you towards the living room that you can see on the opposite side and the other rooms of that floor.

The seating group in front of the marble-covered fireplace in the living room was designed by Interior Architect Tahmaz in consideration with the TV. Some of the other furniture has been renewed and replaced with the new ones, and some have been designed and completed by the interior architect. The oiled oak parquets used on the entrance floor give a warm, natural and living atmosphere.

The living area downstairs has been designed with the furniture in gray tones and heated up with red accessories as an area with the highest level of comfort.

Designed as a spacious and bright area, the master bedroom is intended to be a completely dark place in the evening. A drawer storage system has been designed below the windows facing the bed area.

The bedroom of the 12-year-old little host has been decorated with bright colors like pink and fuchsia, her favorite colors. Everything from the orange puffs designed to sit on with her friends to the fuchsia bookshelf, which adds depth to the space, is the special design of the interior architect.

One of the children’s rooms is not in the original design but was created later. It has been designed with space effects on its ceiling and decorated with red, white and dark blue predominantly. It has its own bathroom on one side and the dressing area with a sliding door on the other side.

Dark Emperador and Dark Olive marble were used around the Hürpaş branded fireplace. The living room, designed with natural earth tones, is finished with purple and yellow accessories. The furniture and the coffee tables are the interior architect’s own design. The light lemon colored carpet is from Step.

Specially designed for the project, a lathing and light-colored lacquer system has been used to highlight the ceiling’s height and to customize that area by hanging it from the wall where the TV is located. The round windows in the gallery area provide a romantic transition for the natural light to infiltrate.

The lacquer system, which comes with triangular shapes from the ceiling, turns into a hidden door on the wall and hides the kitchenette when it closes. On the dining table, the lighting system completed with candles from Tay Mum creates both a romantic ambience and a functional effect. The dining room set is from Koleksiyon Mobilya.

The full glass wall of the work room shared by all the members of the family provides a wonderful light to the room. At the same time, it gives the children a special room in which they can sit and spend time with their friends late at night.

These areas have been used as hidden storage areas as there are empty spaces due to the roof area on the entrance floor. The lighting designed by the interior architect on the ladder not only strengthens the sense of depth but also provides ambiance illumination. The stairs, which are designed by Interior Architect Tahmaz, are also used for separation at the same time. There are half-ring shaped spots for lighting.

The paintings in the living area downstairs are designed by Ahmet Tarımcı, the grandfather of Ece Ertaç. One has a view of Istanbul and the others have views of different angles of the fishing cottage owned by their grandfather in Yalova. One of the paintings also contains a detail from the actual “Ece Kayığı”.

The kitchen with a full open system is entered through a sliding door made of bronze glass. You can go from the kitchen designed in a combination of orange close to cinnamon and with natural oak, anthracite and white to the winter garden or the garden.

The system, which comes from the dining area in the kitchen and turns to the wall, is enriched with LED lighting. The chairs designed by Charles Eames have been selected from Mozaik.

The wallpaper applied to the whole house has also been used in the master bedroom. The curtain fabric has been chosen from Persan. The furniture and lighting accessories designed with high bedside tables are the interior architect’s own design.

The dressing room, separated from the master bedroom by a bronze colored glass door, is specially designed for the needs of the family. The area below the window has been used as a drawer storage area. As main lighting, the full-painted sheet metal system has been used as built-in. In the bathroom of the master bedroom the wallpaper that is widely used throughout the house and dresses up the space elegantly is also maintained.

In the little girl’s room decorated mainly in fuchsia and orange, each piece of furniture and the lighting is the interior architect Eda Tahmaz’s own design and custom production. For the sky effect created on the ceiling, digital prints have been taken and dimmed star spots were placed between them.

A space effect has been created on the ceiling of the other child’s room in the house and the dimmed star spots have been used to have a more realistic atmosphere and an alternative lighting. All of the furniture is the interior architect’s own design.

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