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Espace20 one

Debaixo do Bloco Arquitetura as Architects

A versatile, functional place that expressed the technology and the vision ahead of the company that contracted the office were the requisites requested to the architect Clay Rodrigues to create in 10x10 m a conceptual space.

This environment would have to represent the company in uses and times differents, such as reception, conversions, presentations.

From the desire for a customer-appointed futuristic space, the office began a study of recurring elements in science fiction films that represent the morphology of futuristic cities seen in movies such as The Island, Minority Report and Tron. With that in mind the project turned on some items that appear in a common way in the movies:

Light, Assepsia and Symmetry, Pure Geometry, Minimalism and Design that were placed in the project through the following items.

White Environment.

The excessive use of this color brings uniformity and monotony, leads to the sensation of asepsis and associates to the visitor a minimalist environment with little or no information.

Wood shingles

They appear in panels and create movement without harming the idea of ​​minimalism because of their game of depth and repetitive rhythm. They also hide elements such as doors and cabinets that hold furniture and electronics used on different occasions.


They are prominent on the walls with an illuminated cross section and the shade of gray in the deeper area, also appear in cuts in the plaster that fractionate the lining to follow the idea of ​​rhythm and repetition.

Cold light Lighting

Is the unifying element of the project. Extensive lines of light travel and interconnect the environment, create the feel of a technological setting and reinforce the idea of ​​aseptic environment.


the choice of furniture was important to create the atmosphere and was based on materials that express innovation, that do not have amendment and value smooth lines and drawing fluids.

Transparency seen in Kartell acrylic pieces or Jader almeida glass domes. the Sergio Faher armchairs and the side tables of Studio Bola appear in silver, a color that refers to aluminum. the most organic forms on the table Side table Besame Mucho Jaqueline Terpinz and the low chair bench sea, the furniture in wood appears punctually to bring a minimum of warmth and are the reference of nature normally expressed in the films as a rescue of the human being or as an item of sophistication because of its scarcity.

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