Superior Platform from Brasília Bus Station

Superior Platform from Brasília Bus Station

Debaixo do Bloco Arquitetura
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Superior Platform from Brasília Bus Station

Debaixo do Bloco Arquitetura as Architects

The center of Brasilia is one of the areas more studied and discussed in the modernist city. A privileged place for its geographical location, by their activities that are moved and appropriated by the population and the monumentality created by Lúcio Costa and consists of works of Oscar Niemeyer, but at the same time shown urbanistically one of the most degraded areas of the city. Knowing that the office Debaixo do Bloco Architecture conducted an experimental design in order to requalify and rehabilitate this space, a proposal made based on focused analysis and research human scale, pedestrian flow and social life - both day and night - in order to rescue its urban core function located strategically in Gregarious Scale of Pilot Plan.

In sectorize town and made for cars, the Superior Platform from Brasília Bus Station it is no different, she now directs its area for parking lots, an extension that night becomes inhospitable and abandoned. So the project starts with the removal of the platform center parking lots, thus transforms the pedestrian traffic in a fluid circulation and also induce the appropriation of the area by users. The parking pass to the ground level in the fields and later access the CONIC, Shopping Conjunto Nacional, National Theatre and Touring using existing outdoor spaces and the creation of underground parking, so you can still arrive by car as access to kill through these buildings that vertically connect the platform to the Monumental Axis. The parking lots of the platform ends - next to the south and north squares - are kept as loading and unloading option products and also for the rotating parking lots, a total of 256 vacancies. The small numbers that directly connect the driver platform is a way to discourage automobile use and must walk along the public transport improvement proposals, as LRV (Light Rail Vehicle), creating safe tracks cycle and better connections different public transport, for example metro | bus | bicycle.

The road system also undergoes change with intention to favor the large number of pedestrians that pass daily by Platform Road. Today Direction Axis North / South crossing the platform is a kind of "Zig and Zag" between the squares, perhaps with the intention of reducing the speed of vehicles, as this is the direction of greater crossing and pedestrians of the way because CONIC and the Shopping Conjunto Nacional are there, but the way interrupt the passage of pedestrian in the central area of the Platform. The sense of who passes between the roads and sidewalks is strangulation. Knowing that, in this project the paths cut directly the North / South without pierce the Squares. As traffic lights and crosswalks security measures are put in three points which account for a greater flow of crossing - South Square / CONIC Access Road / Central Platform, North Square / Shopping Conjunto Naiconal. The intension and make the connection between the shafts that happens in unexciting platform for the driver, thus inducing him to do it by Buraco do Tatu (other way for cross the platform), this would also be the route to the bus and binding on event days and ephemeral interventions produced in the area.

These two Decisions will free central space of the platform to the pedestrian. No interruption of roads and parking, the area gets better paving conditions, accessibility, installation of new equipment and new features that prioritize the passage and being pedestrian. These modifications give permeability between the spaces.

In order to respect the ideas cited by Lúcio Costa in the preparation of the master plan and foment them, the North and South Plazas are maintained and as interference are installed along the paths that connect the square to other structures in steel that resemble islands coexistence, fleeing from tipping in the construction aspect, but meeting the ideas of bringing a pulsating life in Sector Amusement and Platform Road. These islands see in order to promote a sense of place, shelter and residence of people taking advantage of the existing flow which was previously strangled by parking lots. A structure that suggests the use and ephemeral interventions, such as fairs, festivals, gastronomic, cultural and artistic events, activities that allow life outside of business hours and evening activities, ie a fight against abandonment.

"I feel that there are two currents, seemingly contradictory: one, those who find that the Pilot Plan is untouchable; and one of those who, on the contrary, understand that life goes on and that the city has to be redrafted in accordance with the new requirements. I see no contradiction, because the fact is that the Pilot Plan, as said earlier, was not completed. And I would like that to happen in the original proposals. After then, there would be opportunity for new formulations. Not prevent there are major innovations within the city, once kept certain parameters, certain points already mentioned ... "Lucio Costa, 1974"

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