Euramax Competition Entry

Euramax Competition Entry

Daniel Tobón

Everyday Windows

Daniel Tobón as Architects

The proposal seeks to maximize the power of the material "AluDesign" to show the wide range of possibilities that it offers. In order to do this, it was necessary to think about the material and ask the question: What is its capacity , what is this material capable of? I venture to suggest that its biggest capacity and potential consist in being able to represent something that is not there, suggest presences through the image, giving a new dimension to architecture by using images that give depth and new meaning to the usually flat facades . The material "AluDesign" is able to create a new dimension both visually and symbolically.

Thus, the proposal "everyday windows" seeks to provide a new and profound symbolic dimension to the facade by using everyday images, domestic windows, familiar, with plants and gardens, kitchen or bedroom windows that allow to look into a represented interior, situations and presences that can only be there through the use of material.

Clients, as well as workers and visitors will be attracted by these domestic presences and its contrast with the industrial context , they will be attracted and challenged by this facade so familiar, so colorful and picturesque amid the industrial area.

Furthermore, the proposal "everyday windows" uses a wide range of materials, colors and shapes, showing the wide range of options and possibilities of the material. Thus, the facade, in addition to using the symbolic capacity of the material acts as a catalog in real scale.

Finally, the distribution of the windows, colors and materials takes into account the modulation of 1.5 x 3.0 m panels, for maximum efficiency, flexibility and material savings.

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Tel Aviv, Israel - Build completed in 2019
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