Euramax competition entry

Euramax competition entry

Marjolein Overtoom
Roermond, Netherlands | View Map
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Euramax competition entry

Marjolein Overtoom as Architects

The versatility of panels with prints is endless. This design shows the gradual changes from simple white panels, to white panels with black lines, coloured panels, and panels with realistic photograph prints. It also shows with the sightly coloured panels that the frames can be used as part of the image and do not have to interfere with the overall picture.

The silhouette of the person visualises the possibilities of the AluDesign technology, because the image changes from sketch to photograph in the same direction as his view. It is up to the designer what the panels will show, only fantasy is the limit.

The bamboo in the photograph symbolises both the system and the sustainable aspect of the panels. Just like in nature, with some very simple repetitive rules very complex structures can be made. And just as bamboo, aluminium is lightweight and strong, but it also shows that sustainability, or nature, is an important part of the company's philosophy.

Visually the transition from sketch to photo, makes viewers extend their gaze towards the top-right, as if looking to the future. The gradual changes keep the image interesting and in that way capture the attention of passers-by. Overall, the design combines fascination, technology, and possibilities.

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