Euramax competition entry

Euramax competition entry

Kirti Desai
Roermond, Netherlands | View Map
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Euramax competition entry

Kirti Desai as Architects

Tulips are blooming Sun is out and shining bright Green grass is growing.

By Emmi

This Haiku captures the way the world remembers Netherlands. This is the centraltheme of my design. Rows and rows of bright tulips swaying in gentle breeze under thesun, ever-changing shades of bright colors.

Nature is the perfect theme to showcase Euramax’s philosophy. When I went throughthe brochures and the company website, the message that came across strongly was

 Their innovative approach to products  Importance given to maintaining quality  Sustainability and Environmental savings

We as global citizens are taking steps to save our environment so that our childrencan enjoy nature’s bounty just the way our forefathers did.

As a company that originated in Netherlands that is now a frontrunner in Aluminumproducts across the world, I thought it was important to represent the company by itsphilosophy as well as products.

I have chosen Euramica as the material to depict tulip fields. It offers wonderful colorsand will provide a shimmering, changing façade that will mimic a Tulip field in gentlebreeze, as a viewer passes in front of the façade.

The grooves in aluminum panels will show rows of tulips. It will be wonderful to have slightly curved aluminum panels to give a 3d effect and enhance the shimmer of tulips. I’ve considered flat panels for better representation of my idea. The Window is slightly modified to be part of this abstract landscape. Support structure of the glass will be from within the factory, so that the glass will be in the same plane as the aluminum panels.

Edges of this abstract landscape are to be finished with curved frame finished with Euramica grey colour.This will complete a collage of Netherlands, Euromax Products and the Nature that encompasses us.

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Mikuni Izu kogen
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