Euramax Open Competition

Euramax Open Competition

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Euramax Open Competition

MZML as Architects

From aluminium-roll to coloured panels

The idea of the project comes from aluminium-roll coil-coating process. Big rolls lined up suggest about something rigid and distant, but they retain high versatility of aluminium and Euramax pre-painting process, able to give astonishing achievements.

The aim of the project is to catch pedestrians and drivers attention when passing near factory wall. The images would show them that from a simple aluminium-roll, thanks to innovative process, it is possible to obtain a large range of colors and nuances.

Lined up big aluminium rolls move forwards from right to left as during the production-cycle, and bring to a fanciful colours explosion.

The drawing is an abstract representation inspired by industrial process, in order to create an iconic image of the industrial process. A linear image to give the idea of lightness and to mark a difference in a world overfull of visual impulses. To stimulate the curiosity with a nice and clear design.

The choice of colours comes from a precise balance between primary colors and their nuances so that the whole came out agreeable and harmonious.

The drawing is applied on reflective panels, so that the factory wall front reflects and mirrors the environment, crating a connection between industry and real world and encouraging people interest.

Project Credits
Zhejiang Perfect Production Factory
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