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Europan 12 - Assen

Studio 06 as Architects

Our proposal begins from creation of new bike paths, to connect new district with other quartiers of the city. This connection is one of the main elements for the development of district, because it will bring a greater number of people in these area and this will result in great interest for real estate investements. The development of the area consists on 2 steps. First: Havenkanaal will could become the main attraction of the area, but to do this we need a new connection between water and people. Second: Near the basin there are some Council-owned buildings that will could be converted in buildings for catering, accomodation and cultural activities. Connection between water and people will be created through the construction of a terraced steps that surrounds Havenkanaal, where people can sit and read a book, talk to each other and enjoy the view, so…enliven the area. Citybike A has four levels: -1 level (water level) is for commercial use, in +1, +2 and +3 levels there are private apartments. Complex connects to the level 0 through bike-pedestrian ramps that guarantee accessibility at every level. Every apartmets have entrance from level +1, so everybody can directly enter into it with own bike. In -1 level there are eight commercial space surrounding by Havenkanaal and inner square. From +1 level there are fiftheen apartements, six of witch on one level and nine of witch on three levels. Citybike B consists of ten houses divided in three sizes. Two types of them have four levels, one type has three levels

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