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Sedir Adasi Island, Turkey
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EYE of HORUS Eco-House is located in the small island paradise Sedir Adasi in the Gulf of Gokova, and very near the southwest coast of Turkey.

The house is located next to the beach of Cleopatra, considered the world's most beautiful beach.

The beach of Cleopatra was a gift from Marc Antony to Cleopatra, as a token of his love, he ordered carry sand from Egypt to the island to make the most beautiful and romantic beach that never existed in order to satisfy his beloved Cleopatra.

Similarly, EYE of HORUS Eco-House also aims to create a home paradise with an indoor microclimate and spatial characteristics and formal to live up to the beach and the island, and able to meet the needs of the occupants (functional, emotional, symbolic and environmental).

The property has a strong symbolic and intended to represent the wishes, desires, aspirations and dreams of the person whose life has inspired, and is the result of an optimized design process. This design process also ensures the seamless integration of housing in nature, and his desire to act as a "sounding board" to amplify the happiness of the occupants.

Similarly, the design process used has achieved a perfect synthesis between the needs of its occupants, with environmental needs, leading to an architecture with the highest level of sustainability possible. Ultimately it is intended to project an exemplary housing, dreamy, as a reference and inspiration to future generations.

The housing is integrated inside a dome of faceted glass, as a third skin. The dome creates a protective envelope architecture generated inside a stable microclimate that guarantees comfort of the occupants at all times.

The house is circular, with a courtyard in the shape of the eye, and has 4 floors. The basement houses guest bedrooms, meeting rooms, game rooms and home theater rooms. Edge stays are illuminated by means of underground courtyards and through the pool water, because many of the envelope walls are glass. On the other hand, the interior rooms are illuminated through the central courtyard through the entire house. The basement has a direct lateral access to the island via a pedestrian ramp with a gentle slope, for walks and contemplation. The ground floor houses classrooms, dining room, kitchen and service rooms. The ground floor is almost completely surrounded by a pool and the whole is framed by two longitudinal walls of varying height, with an eye. Thus the house has two entrances (north and south), and a third access to an observation point in the form of Ankh. The first floor houses the master bedroom and the bedrooms of the visitors. Finally, the top floor houses the roof garden, which is vaulted by striking faceted glass dome. The slats of colored glass of the dome have been arranged so that (by varying its color and inclination) remains a homogeneous illumination level inside, as well as a stable temperature, which ensures human comfort at all times.

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