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Farfalla is a project whose main objective is the integral development of mothers and children in a friendly environment where they can share recreational and social spaces.


The main idea of ​​the project is to maintain that essence and character that the affected materials of a old house give us, with an intervention of contemporary architectural elements that together achieve a very interesting language.


Between aged walls, volcanic stone, old woods combined with modern elements such as losacerosteel deck, large crystals, smooth walls, carpentry with ironwork details, among others.


The architectural project is following a central guiding axis, forming a large walkway, forcing it to cover the almost 220 m2, having a better spatial perspective both of the complex and individually of each corner of it.


The architectural program of the project is basically focused on 3 specific areas:

1. Social area that is made up of the coffee shop, la covacha (hovel) and coworking.

2. Recreational areamade up of the children's playroom, the pool and the space for babies.

3. Finally, the two multipurpose rooms, the first called “KIDS ROOM” for the activities designed to take place in it, workshops and classes for children. Also, the “FITNESS SALON” where practices for moms will be carried out: sports, recreation and relaxation.  


Starting the tour from the exterior lobby, the access facade maintains the characteristics of the house where it is located, where we intervene by placing a large visual finish at the end of the alley where the experience of sensations begins and is part of the concept that we will continuously see in the interior spaces.


Continuing with a simple and elegant reception, preserving the original ceiling of the house made up of aged beams of wood and brick and intervening the walls with a smooth and clear finish giving a very interesting contrast of old and new elements such as wood in natural tonethat accompanies the set. Coffee Shop, this space includes old ceilings and walls, only one of the walls was intervened with a smooth finish following the line of ancient and contemporary elements as a whole. The polished concrete floor and apparent stave round off the image we were looking for.


The furniture based on metal profiles in combination with light tone woods fabulously complements the small but cozy space. La covacha (hovel), named for the cozy space with a natural wood floor, in a combination of peeling brick walls and certain smooth and white touches complemented by the furniture that governs the whole set in natural wood with peculiar ironwork inserts that they give that different and elegant touch. 


The KIDS room, on one side, has a long and large wall lined by a practically floor-to-ceiling mirror that provides amplitude to the space, the apparent ceiling shows a white painted losacerosteel deckthat provides depth and cleanliness. In addition to having a specialized floor for physical activities for the comfort of the user. 


The children's playroom, we consider it as the heart of the project, because it is at the center of the establishment, it has a specialized floor for the comfort of children, surrounded by natural wood in the furniture, a tunnel that leads to the ball pool and then you go up to the mezzanine and go down the slide or rest on the suspended net designed specifically for that. 


The pool, a space specially designed for mom + child classes, with a spectacular mural on the main wall and complemented by a mirror on the side wall that gives us depth. The finishes in light tones, tempered glass partitions and Venetian mosaic for the tubs and sinks complete the cleaning that was being sought for this space. Walking along the central walkway you can see the pool through a spectacular glass framing the activities that are being carried out at all times. 


Coworking, this space framed by a 100% rehabilitated wall, with abrazed stone in the baseboard, the brick moldings and the metal structure that is part of the intervention of the house, gives us a fantastic combined image, the furniture following the the same line of light woods and matte black ironwork details provide the elegance we were looking for in this area designed for the comfort of moms who will be working. 


Fitness room, was designed for the development of different activities, from fitness classes, yoga, relaxation, dance, among others. It has aged walls on top and padded on a baseboard at a height of 1 meter for the comfort of users. It has mirrors on a couple of walls with that feeling of depth and warmth. This space is complemented by a play of lights that follows the rhythm of the music depending on the genre and type of class being performed within it.

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