F&H Desmet house

F&H Desmet house

architektuurburo Dirk Hulpia
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F&H Desmet house

architektuurburo Dirk Hulpia as Architects

In Lovendegem, near Ghent, the Desmet´s House stands out forits spaciousness, natural light and a timeless architecture, all in a limited site.

The parcel is defined by its length, narrowness , not-optimal orientation and an existingun suitable house. Open spaces, light and warm cosy atmosphere,were the concepts to design the new house which looks for a closed familial coexistence, without secrets. Tothat end, the different spaces of the house are connected through double heights, natural light, common furniture and material in all the rooms.

Due to the narrow land, the design clings to look for spaciousness by the relation between levels, soto say, a double hight, in the garden side, provides a tensional space and brings light to the deepest.

Every room,like toilet, storage, wardrobe, technical room… are placed on the side of the street, there by the rest spaces are together in the same environment looking to the outside, the garden and the sky. A long window, allalong the house, throws natural light and joins all the rooms as one. In any case, the rooms have the possibility to close them selves in a future.

As regard to the interior, the design tries to create a warm cozy space. An old box next to a modern Vitra chair, an antique wooden closet in front of a new custom-made fireplace, worn out chairs in a new kitchen... these generate allan interesting confrontation between the old and the new.

Increase in storage capacity was important to design the interiorspace, therefore there were created continuous closets all along the house. As a result, the kitchen and the living space are linked between them. All the compartments of the closets, like the sink, the tv, the shelves... have the possibility to hide themselves, thus several atmospheres may show up.

On the one hand, the white is used in walls and floors in order to have a sobriety environment; on the other hand, the wal nut wood emphasizes the ideal points to provide warmth at home.

Regarding the outside material, the fibre cement slate accentuates the volume try and the a fromosia wood gives a caracter of home.

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Cape Town, South Africa - Build completed in 2017
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