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Giuseppe Tortato
Milan, Italy | View Map
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Paolo Riolzi
Product Spec Sheet

ElementBrandProduct Name
Workplace furniture and custom-made board room furnitureEstel
Custom furnishings reception areaComfort Office
ManufacturersLumo Tubo
FlooringParchettificio Garbelotto S.r.l.
ManufacturersPollice Illuminazione

Product Spec Sheet
by Flos
Workplace furniture and custom-made board room furniture
by Estel
Custom furnishings reception area


Giuseppe Tortato as Architects

Fibercloud, the luminous sculpture that lights up piazza adriano olivetti, at the center of milan’s future “chelsea”

Designed by the architect Giuseppe Tortato, and created exclusively for Fastweb’s new Milan HQ, the sculpture is made of 200 meters of luminous LED tubing that connects every level of the building from the topmost floor to the entrance hall. A project of significant artistic value, it was designed for a new district in Milan that is characterized by intense cultural activity and aims to become the new “Chelsea” of the Lombard capital.


The goal was to create a work of art that could change the face of the square, situated in one of Milan’s most innovative neighborhoods. We’re talking about the newly established Piazza Olivetti, located at the center of a state-of-the-art business district where not only the Fondazione Prada but also several major international companies and innovative businesses, like Fastweb, have set up their headquarters.


The architectural firm, Studio Giuseppe Tortato Architetti, was called upon by Fastweb to design some of the building’s nerve centers, including the boardroom with its green patio, the building’s entrance, and connecting the two:Fibercloud.


I was thrilled by the project right from the start,” recalls Architect Giuseppe Tortato, founder of the eponymous architecture firm. “Both because I had been entrusted with such a prestigious and challenging task by an innovative company like Fastweb, and because of the context in which I would be working.


My goal,” the architect continues “was to put beauty in the running and design something more than just an interior decoration, a real work of luminous art thaton the one hand represented Fastweb’s energy and on the other also offered something to the city and the square in front of the building."


And in fact, Fibercloudis a glowing sculpture created with 200 meters of luminous LED tubing that develops vertically, connecting every level of the building from the entrance hall to the topmost floor, where the boardroom is located. It was developed through parametric software with which each element and curvature was checked. Each element was created manually and involved the hand-bending of the approximately 100 pieces that make up the entire length of luminous tubing. Finally, the creation of the entire sculpture was completed thanks to the close collaboration between Tortato and Fastweb's Real Estate Development team, with which a stimulating empathy developed during the design process.


The underlying concept of this artwork was that of a kind of ‘cloud of ideas’ which illuminates the entire building and those who work there, to connect people with the aim of sharing ideas and designs to create new synergies,” architect Giuseppe Tortato explained.


And, when darkness falls, Fibercloud fully expresses its energy, illuminating the square in front of the building with the glow of the sculpture’s bright LED light.


In addition, there’s a great deal of innovation in the interior design planned for the reception area at the entrance. The tones of the furnishings, with their modern, minimalist lines, is a play on yellow and grey, Fastweb’s colors. The front desk, located in the reception area, was designed in collaboration with Fastweb Space Planning team and is characterized by dynamic and sinuous forms, emphasized by the LED lighting that follows its profile in a way that creates a dialogue between it and the overhanging Fibercloud, as if it marked its terminus.


Material Used :
1. Workplace furniture and custom-made board room furniture: Estel group
2. Custom furnishings reception area: Comfort Office
3. Fibercloud: Pollice Illuminazione, Lumotubo
4. Lighting: Flos
5. Flooring: Parquet Garbelotto

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