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NewsNews • 29 Jul 2022

25 best architecture firms in São Paolo

Greater São Paolo, in southeast Brazil, is a financial and culturalcapital with a population of over 20 million. The metropolis as we seeit today is the result of rapid 20th century informal growth, spurred inpart by the success of coffee and other agricultural and mining exports. São Paolo is home to soaring skyscrapers and sprawling favelas, modernist landmarks as well as groundbreaking adaptive reuse projects. While a center for innovative new-build architecture, a multitude of architects and interior architects today are also focused on transforming the city’sexisting urban fabric through thoughtful reuse or repositioning projects. Here we highlight 25 of the pioneering architecture and design studios operating out o... More

NewsNews • 15 Jul 2022

25 best architecture firms in Mumbai

Mumbai, built on what was once an archipelago of seven islands in the Arabian Sea, has developed over millennia into what is today among the most populous cities in the world, with a population of 20 million. A South Asian financial, civic and cultural center, Mumbai has an architectural stock that includes buildings ranging from centuries-old Hindu temples to those constructed from the 17th to 20th centuries and influenced by Portuguese and British rule. Mumbai-based designers are inherently challenged to navigate questions of tradition in the face of modernity and an always-developing metropolis. Here we highlight 25 contemporary architecture and design studios operating out of greater Mumbai today, and producing pioneering new work for I... More

NewsNews • 27 Jun 2022

25 best architecture firms in Madrid

Madrid is a center of gravity for European architecture. Spain’s capital city is host to an amazing array of historic and contemporary built projects designed by architects from around the world. But Madrid is equally home to a strong collection of studios producing impactful work regionally and globally. Experimenters in form, color and light, Spanish architects are masters of building that is at once traditional and innovative. The 25 Madrid-based firms selected here are among the most pioneering Spanish practices today.    Caja Granada Savings Bank by Alberto Campo Baeza - © Photo: Duccio Malagamba 1. Alberto Campo BaezaAlberto Campo Baeza is a leader of Spanish architecture whose built work includes the stunn... More

NewsNews • 6 Jun 2022

25 best architecture firms in Bangkok

Bangkok is a chaotic, sprawling city with a population of 10 million. Its urban fabric contains a vast mix of ‘centers’ ranging from historic areas with royal palaces and Buddhist temples, to massive slums, vernacular shophouses, international embassies and skyline-defining highrises at its financial center. Architects in Bangkok seem to continuously draw from Thailand’s rich cultural heritage as well as its tropical climate to design buildings that are unique in form and type. The 25 Bangkok-based firms selected here represent some of the most forward-thinking designers in Asia today.    Interlude Houseby Ayutt and Associates design - © Chalermwat Wongchompoo 1. Ayutt and Associates designAyutt and A... More

NewsNews • 23 May 2022

25 best architecture firms in Mexico City

Mexico City is home to a number of outstanding, epoch-defining architectural firms. Its contemporary pioneers are sophisticated storytellers that are well-versed in fusing cultural tradition with built projects that respond to climate and regional materials. From projects that use formal provocation to subtle craftsmanship, Mexico City is a factory for current industry ideas. The 25 firms presented here practice both locally and internationally, and represent the forefront of Mexico City’s architectural production today.    Ajijic House by Tatiana Bilbao - © Iwan Baan 1. Tatiana BilbaoTatiana Bilbao ESTUDIO is a Mexico City based architecture studio, founded in 2004. At the core of the studio´s practice is... More

NewsNews • 5 May 2022

25 best architecture firms in Singapore

Only 40 years ago, the majority of the buildings on Singapore’s skyline had not yet been constructed. In a single generation following the nation’s independence in 1965, Singapore has become one of the world’s densest and architecturally significant urban centers. From recent high rises to commercial shopping malls and cultural facilities, Singapore’s built projects are continually among the most pioneering and ambitious of their kind. The 25 firms presented here have been recognized for their part in placing Singapore at the center of current architectural discourse.   Faber - House by ONG & ONG - © Derek Swalwell 1 . ONG & ONGONG & ONG is a Singaporean multi-disciplinary and industrial de... More

NewsNews • 15 Apr 2022

25 best architecture firms in Melbourne

Melbourne, the capital of the state of Victoria and Australia’s most populous city after Sydney, is a dynamic urban center with a rich assortment of design and architecture firms. The practices based here are regional and international in nature, producing forward-thinking housing, high-rise and commercial projects. The city itself is characterized by a range of iconic and prototypical projects completed since Melbourne’s founding as a European settlement in the mid 19th century. The 25 firms presented here have been chosen for their roles in forging Melbourne’s architecture scene today.    Geelong Arts Centre by Hassell - © Rory Gardiner 1. HasellHassell is a leading international design practice wit... More

NewsNews • 4 Apr 2022

25 best architecture firms in Istanbul

Istanbul is Turkey’s largest city, as well as the country's economic and industrial center. Founded some 2700 years ago and formerly known as New Rome and, more recently, Constantinople, its buildings have historically been influenced by Byzantine, Genoese, Ottoman and Turkish ideas and construction methods. Istanbul is also a modern cultural center, home to a long list of designers and architects operating today. For this article, we chose 25 outstanding architecture and design studios based in Istanbul. The 25 firms presented here have been chosen for their role in defining Istanbul’s current architectural directions.     Sancaklar Mosque by Emre Arolat Architecture - © Cemal Emden 1. Emre Arolat Architec... More

NewsNews • 18 Mar 2022

25 best architecture firms in Delhi

With an estimated population of over 28 million, Delhi, together with its surrounding territories, is among the largest metropolitan regions in the world. This richly urban area is home to an amazing array of built work, both historic and contemporary. For this article, we chose 25 outstanding architecture and design studios operating out of greater Delhi. Contextual, experimental, rooted, these companies are producing exciting work molded by cultural, regional and climatic influences. The 25 firms presented here have been chosen for their important role in characterizing Delhi’s evolving urban identity.       The British School by Morphogenesis. - © Randhir Singh 1. Morphogenesis. Morphogenesis has of... More

NewsNews • 4 Mar 2022

25 best architecture firms in Milan

From the Salone del Mobile, founded in 1961, to a rich history that includes the 1980s Memphis Group, design and architecture are part of the fabric of the city of Milan. For this article, we rounded up 25 architecture studios doing noteworthy and exciting work from Milan-based offices. Our list includes architects who co-founded the Memphis Group, but it also includes studios practicing for less than a decade. Throughout, we found firms dedicated to creating distinctive work that moves the city and industry forward. Forging new ground while staying dedicated to client needs, these 25 studios are helping to design today’s world.    Jod Schwefelbad by Matteo Thun & Partners - © Jens Weber 1. Matteo Thun &... More

Project • By IBI GroupMasterplans

American University in Cairo Master Plan

As the winners of an international designcompetition, the design team of whichCRJA-IBI Group was a part was selectedto design the new campus of the AmericanUniversity in Cairo on a 260-acre desertsite outside Cairo. Working closely with multiple architectural firms who are designingindividual buildings, CRJA-IBI Group developed campus-wideconcepts for site access and arrival, perimeter security, wind barriers,pedestrian circulation, landscape design, and site irrigation. As part of the Master Plan design, CRJAIBIGroup designed the running trackand athletic fields, as well as the majoroutdoor gathering space within the campuscore, called the Maidan Palm Court, forceremonial events. CRJA-IBI Group alsodeveloped designs for a series of small... More

Project • By D.S. Blay Architecture Industrial Design LtdOffices

MAX Offices

MAX (formerly Leumi Card) is one of Israel’s leading financial institutions, providing a portfolio of financial services; Specializing in a wide range of card issuing, acquiring and processing services, as well as other payment and credit solutions. It has already issued about 2.4 million Visa and MasterCard branded credit cards, and provides acquiring services for some 30 thousand merchants. The company was established in 2000 by the name Leumi Card as a subsidiary of Leumi Bank Ltd. On February 2019 it was sold by Leumi Bank to the Warburg Pincus international investment fund and was re-branded as "max"​.   MAX offers its clients an extensive range of financial services including loans, credit solutions and flexible payment o... More

Project • By Pratic S.p.A.Restaurants

Spazio ricreativo aziendale Salewa

The Salewa Bivac, in the heart of the industrial area of Bolzano, is a cube of glass and steel, inside which there is a restaurant bistro that does not grant anything to the aesthetics as an end in itself. The restaurant, with its contained interiors, has been able to make the external space its resource. Thanks to the Opera pergola by Pratic: aluminum architecture and vertical closures, and a technology at the service of the well-being. The restaurant is located nearby the Bolzano South exit of the A22 and is part of a true contemporary landscape: a complex, created by the architectural firm Park Associati, which with its fragmented outline takes up the skyline of the mountains that mark the background towards the north. Overlooking a pub... More

Project • By bureau^probertsPrivate Houses

Albert Villa

A heritage-listed worker’s cottage in the inner-Brisbane suburb of Petrie Terrace presented an irresistible challenge for bureau^probertsDirector Terry McQuillan and his interior designer wife Charlie.A small and steeply sloping site,together with a compact floorplan andbuilding challenges owing to the cottage’s age and location, were no barrier to the pair’s imagination.   “We wanted to create a contemporary home that not only overcame the site’s limitations but unlocked its potential too,” Terry says.   The cottage is affectionately known as Albert Villa, a homage to its original builder Peter Albert who constructed the home back in 1885. Unlike Albert, Terry and Charlie were able to take... More

Project • By Atelier Barda architecturePrivate Houses

Portland Residence

The Portland Residence on the Island of Montreal: a full renovation with classic, timeless lines.   The Portland Residence is a historical stone house located in the Town of Mount-Royal, a “model city” built in the early 20th century. The architectural firm Atelier Barda entirely renovated the property and created a custom furniture collection through its new Foraine by Atelier Barda division.   The architects' mandate was to renovate all the spaces in the three-storey house, totalling 3,000 square feet, and to add an extension at the back. Important considerations in the redesign were the house's location in the heart of the garden city and a desire to respect the heritage value of the surrounding built environmen... More