Flowing Water

Flowing Water

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Flowing Water

Deve Build as Interior Architects

This is an experience space that defines the new height, new trend and new future of cultural and creative products; this is an exhibition retail space from the perspective of contemporary art; this is an exploration space that combines Chinese humanistic aesthetics with modern design forms; this is an educational space that drives cultural development and spreads the values of the times.

With the theme of "flowing water", the space subtly takes in the natural scenery and the beauty of water in ancient landscape paintings, and uses traditional humanities to awaken the creativity of people nowadays, injecting the soul into the design. The vertical use of "superimposed water", between high and low, increases the realm of "walking to the end of the water"; "walking clouds and flowing water, anywhere", breaking the conventional exhibition visit mode. The superimposed "flowing water" guides the direction of the viewers and organizes a well-ordered exhibition space, slowing down the rhythm of breathing and the pace of action of the viewers, washing the chaotic mind of the viewers with the form of flowing water, and infecting the thoughts with the context, which is the core of the design. Let the past and the present echo each other, from the humanistic connotation and artistic form to create the scene of "goblet flowing, the group of sages gathered". From the traditional humanities to art installations, from the layout of space to functional lines, through the design of contemporary art aesthetics, "flowing water" is presented in the space in a light and elegant manner, and transforms into an unprecedented clear and dynamic, interpreting the "goblet" into a contemporary Oriental mood.

The interpretation of "flowing water" is "flowing capital", and it is the essential purpose of the exhibition to facilitate transactions, to build a business model of cultural socialization, to gather a large number of high-quality customer groups with commonality, to reach transactions in communication and interaction, and to generate value in the flow of capital, forming a virtuous cycle; "flowing water" is the interpretation of "flowing capital". Through this "Cultural and Creative Expo", we can gather resources from various aspects such as information, creativity and technology to provide a platform for displaying and trading cultural and creative products in the new era. The "Flowing Water" also means "flowing products", and through this "Cultural and Creative Expo", we gather information, creativity, technology and other resources to provide a platform for displaying and trading cultural and creative products, project cooperation and cultural investment, which will help create value in the circulation of various types of cultural and creative products in the market and reveal the future development trend and business opportunities of the cultural and creative industry. Just as a sharp sword can cut iron like mud, but cannot cut the water, the communication and inheritance of culture and art will not be interrupted by the changes of the times, lose its simplicity due to the intervention of technology and artificial intelligence, or lose its power due to the innovation of expressions, but will only be branded with the mark of contemporary culture in the downstream.

Standing in the morning of the next unknown era, on the shore of Swallow Lake in Pingshan, let's play a contemporary "flowing water" to the future with the traditional Chinese "aesthetic consciousness".


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