Dark Matter

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Seeming to face a state of chaos and darkness, the enlightened wakes up before the dawn. Darkness is extreme and boundless, so profound and far-reaching beyond description. Out of instinct, it’s called “dark matter”, because it is a “space” hard to explain. Of course it does not need any explanation, just as “The divine law can be known, yet it may not be the law well-known to you”. This kind of indescribable feeling happens to have past and future.


We “gaze” at a civilization from the history of the West with Eastern peace and poetry. “All pearls, big or small, fall into the same plate”. The entire creation seems casting different pearls into the same dark and chaotic emptiness, which naturally and organically form a series of independent space systems. Such kind of systems originates from the Eastern, poetic and aesthetic “landscaping awareness”. Landscaping techniques of Chinese literary scholars such as connection, leaking and space permeation relations are employed to create a huge dark space out of the spatial tempo of the whole exhibition pavilion, just like in a dark dream. We seem to walk and loom in a free and easy “garden”. While “walking in the park”, we “wake from a dream”. It is an “awakening” dream. The “dark matter” is what “wakes us up from the dream”.


We appreciate the royal treasure passed down from the history of the West from the perspective of Eastern spatial ideology, with a lofty sentiment that “the achievement of a general costs many lives” and a firm determination that “to wear the crown, bear its weight”. Only with a desire to conquer the world and the confidence to show disdain for everything can one take the throne and enjoy the glory as a king and the unique charm of royal jewelry. It is a “metaphor” of the peace of a king after the final tough battle, condensing at this moment the great determination of “never return if the enemy is not conquered”. In the face of a battlefield still filled with smoke of gunpowder, it seems in a dream looking at the peaceful sunset. Galloping “battle steed”, traces of “iron heels”, looming “hellfire”, etc. are all “metaphors” of the last sigh of the monarch. Just as a Chinese idiom goes, “Treat talents fairly and well to win their heart”.

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