Fluid X
Kaori Ichikawa
Product Spec Sheet

ElementBrandProduct Name
Toilet Fixture ( Spa Thermo Shower Faucet) - BF-E147TSBW LIXILLIXIL
Lighting Fixture - DWP-37170 (2800K)DAIKO
Dishwasher - FB450STSHarman
Lighting Fixture - AH40033LKoizumi Lighting Technology (Shanghai) Co. Ltd.
Built in gas stove - RD640STSRinnai

Product Spec Sheet
Toilet Fixture ( Spa Thermo Shower Faucet) - BF-E147TSBW LIXIL
Lighting Fixture - DWP-37170 (2800K)
Dishwasher - FB450STS
by Harman
Lighting Fixture - AH40033L
Built in gas stove - RD640STS
by Rinnai

The project consists on a private residence for a family of five. Given that the Utsunomiya region has an inland climate, temperature greatly fluctuates, requiring a large energy consumption for air conditioning and heating systems. In order to create a comfortable environment without relying so much in active systems, the site was carefully analyzed to bring natural energy into the house while unifying the interior – exterior spaces, all this by profiting from a corner plot location. The design study included an analysis of the family’s behavioral patterns, especially the mother who spends most of the time at home and makes use of most of the spaces; according to her daily activities as well as light, wind and heat flow across the house, the best layout resulted on an X-shape.


This X was vertically divided, allocating public spaces in the north and south wings, (dinning and study room in the north side and living room in the south side), and private areas in the east and west sides (bedrooms, children’s room and bathroom). Additionally a corridor running from east to west divides the living room and dining room and is enclosed by sliding doors that allow to obscure the space according to need.


The living room in the south wing was designed as a solar collector room during winter time, where the wall position was defined by the sun incidence angle from 10:00 to 15:00 hours during the winter solstice. During daytime, the movable partition in the living room is meant to be closed in order to collect heat and opened after sunset to distribute the heat to the neighboring rooms. During summer the wind fl owing from south is let into the house by a large sliding door which encloses the living room, and a mechanism was set up in order to allow this wind to escape on the north end of the house. Lastly, given the particular X-shaped layout that squeezes the center of the building, a microclimate is created by allowing wind to circulate and gain speed as it moves from a wider area to a narrower space.


Material Used :
1. RINNAI - Built in gas stove - RD640STS
2. KOIZUMI - Lighting Fixture - AH40033L
3. T form - Wash Counter - ADF70-0010
4. DAIKO - Lighting Fixture - DWP-37170 (2800K)
5. T form - Faucet - QDH73‐0404
6. LIXIL - Toilet Fixture (Spa Thermo Shower Faucet) - BF-E147TSBW LIXIL
7. T form - Bathtub - FLN72-4373
8. Sugatune - Door Hinge - SMH-30
9. Harman - Dishwasher - FB450STS

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Project Credits
Hematology Clinic, State Hospital LKH Graz
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Hematology Clinic, State Hospital LKH Graz

Hämatologie, 8036 Graz, Austria - Build completed in 2018
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