Hakko Car Showroom

Hakko Car Showroom

Ryuichi Ashizawa Architects & associates
Nishinomiya City, Hyogo, Japan | View Map
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Kaori Ichikawa

Hakko Car Showroom

Ryuichi Ashizawa Architects & associates as Architects

Most of the beautiful bodies of automobiles are formed by pressing a thin steel plate into a monologue structure like an egg shell, and so the body and chassis are integrated. There is a functional aesthetic that demands lightness and toughness. Considering the use of this structural system as an architectural structure, we devised an appearance in which 3.2 mm steel plates supplely draw curved surfaces on the three faces facing the main street. The car body is made by partially welding the press-formed panels so that the joints can be seen. In this construction, the joints of all the steel plates are fully welded and the insulation paint is applied so that the iron plate looks seamless to make it look like a single plane. The expression changes depending on the viewing angle. In the northeast corner where the intersection is located, the outer wall line is greatly set back, creating an open space in the city where people can move and stay, and respecting the character of Tsuji (Kadoji, a crossroad, has been called "Tsuji" since ancient times, and is a place where various people come, go and meet).


The first and second floors have an Alfa Romeo showroom with a 5m high atrium. On the third floor, there are showrooms for two brands, Fiat and Abarth, and there are garages on the fourth and rooftop floors. The floor plan of each floor arranges the necessary functions on the south side, creating a large one-room space facing the road in two directions, north and east. On the first and second floors, the plan was to minimize the appearance of walls and pillars to maximize visibility from the outside to the room and to provide a parking entrance. At first, we considered using only steel plates. However, since fire-resistant construction of fire-resistant steel plates is not permitted under the current regulations, four arched steel pipe columns are used as the main structure and are connected by steel columns. In this study, we considered a three-, four-story, two-layer volume that floats dynamically from the ground. These four winding steel tube columns appear in the interior space, giving visitors a sense of the skeleton that forms the architecture. Panoramic openings of various sizes are provided on the steel plate between the steel pipe pillars so that the vehicles displayed and stored on the 3rd and 4th floor can be seen by the driver of the car in the urban spacing. These shapes are not uniform rectangular windows, but draw smooth and mysterious curves like sewing the trajectory of a steel tube arch column.


The outdoor stairs planned as staff stairs are L-shaped stairs (floor height 6100) on the first to third floors, two-turn fold stairs on the third and fourth floors (floor height 4850), and fold back stairs on the fourth to Roof floor. (Floor height: 3450). In order to effectively use the lane of the outdoor parking lot on the first floor, the stairs made of the sasara girder are supported by two beams in contact with each other and gusset plates attached to the columns without using columns. In addition, a hanging rod connected from the beam of the upper tower is provided on the turning landing to prevent dripping. The corrugated board is made of a 4.5 mm steel plate box and filled with concrete. The girders are PL-16 mm x 250 mm, and all iron parts are galvanized.


Material Used :
1. Toto - Wash Basin (Toilet) - L700C#NW1
2. Lixil - Pantry Top Shelf (First Floor) - GK-A-75
3. Lixil - Pantry Counter (First Floor) - GK-S-150MYN
4. Lixil - Pantry Counter (Third Floor) - GK-S-120MYN
5. Lixil - Pantry Top Shelf (Third Floor) - GK-A-60

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Product Spec Sheet

Wash Basin (Toilet) - L700C#NW1TOTO
Pantry Top Shelf (First Floor) - GK-A-75, Pantry Counter (First Floor) - GK-S-150MYN, Pantry Counter (Third Floor) - GK-S-120MYN, Pantry Top Shelf (Third Floor) - GK-A-60LIXIL
Product Spec Sheet
Wash Basin (Toilet) - L700C#NW1
Pantry Top Shelf (First Floor) - GK-A-75, Pantry Counter (First Floor) - GK-S-150MYN, Pantry Counter (Third Floor) - GK-S-120MYN, Pantry Top Shelf (Third Floor) - GK-A-60
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