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FUSE Media

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Aaron Thompson
Product Spec Sheet

ElementBrandProduct Name
Solid Stone SurfaceCaesarstone
Chairs: SixE HOWE a/s
Pendant Tech Lighting
Ryker Pendant
Static dissipative tile: colorex SD, SD 150240 ETNAForbo Flooring Systems
Carpet: UR102, 102996 StoneInterface
Plastic LaminateFormica Group

Product Spec Sheet
Solid Stone Surface
Chairs: SixE
SixE by HOWE a/s
Ryker Pendant by Tech Lighting
Static dissipative tile: colorex SD, SD 150240 ETNA
Carpet: UR102, 102996 Stone
Plastic Laminate

FUSE Media


As a music-focused media company, Fuse is committed to diverse and inclusive content. Spotlighting artists, news and culture, Fuse delivers media that challenges the status quo. Recently relocated to an office near Penn Station, the company’s new headquarters was designed to reflect the brand’s open and creative spirit while rethinking traditional office models. Creating areas to gather and collaborate, the design provides a variety of community and team spaces built to reimagine entertainment and emerging content.


Located in New York City’s 34th Street District, the new Fuse headquarters takes cues from its surroundings. As a working district and gateway to the city, over 100,000 office workers come to the neighborhood daily. Formed around diverse workspaces and surprising materials, the headquarters reflects the character of its context. As both an on-air and digital brand, Fuse needed a headquarters where teams could explore cutting edge trends and stay connected to programming.


Organized around an open plan and active circulation, the design encourages impromptu interactions and the ability to work throughout the office. From hot desks and workstations to meeting rooms and a social center, the headquarters accommodates a range of work styles. Small groupings of work stations provide areas for concentrated work, while a range of meeting room types and sizes accommodate formal and informal team collaboration. At the core of the office, a social center acts as a vibrant and dynamic space where people work, eat, share and celebrate.


Spread across three wings, these diverse activity spaces support the creation and distribution of new media content. Marking the transition between wings, a series of portals and wayfinding elements were made using raw and playful finishes. Ensuring Fuse never misses a beat, the flexible plan integrates mobile technology with smart boards and video screens to form a nimble and agile workplace for both employees and freelancers alike. Understanding the importance of audience development through culture and lifestyle series, the design accommodates content production of reality shows, documentaries, and video blocks.


As a new home to redefine media and music experience, the Fuse New York headquarters sets the stage for transformative and leading content. From the bright, multicolored entry to warm and inviting lounge spaces, the office supports diverse modes of production. Rethinking the office model, the design fosters creative exchange as Fuse expands their linear and digital platforms. In an evolving media landscape, the headquarters becomes an open, collaborative hub for multicultural content.

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