Gallery House
Albano Garcia

Casa Galeria

Alric Galindez as Architects


It is not about a house here, nor an art gallery, but a hybrid. In this case it is worth asking about the need to look for an outdoor landscape when, in reality, one of the reasons for the construction is to create an interior landscape to be able to enjoy art. That is why the exterior goes to the background. The first look is on art and the second on the outside, which is peripheral. The connection with the exterior is not direct, but through gardens-galleries that act as a visual and luminous filter, regulating the amount of light necessary to contemplate the art displayed. The suburb is formed by a succession of different houses. Faced with a cacophonous variety of house styles, this construction seeks silence. A simple architecture with a timeless language, where the material, the brick, is the protagonist, being a concern the way in which the brick mass is perforated with the least possible visual noise. A simple and silent intervention, almost like supporting a brick in the grass.



A person who collects art and lives near the new project. The new construction is the place where he will enjoy his collection and live occasionally, so this place would be used as an alternative and simultaneously as an Art Gallery and as a House. Thus, it is inappropriate to name this construction as "House" or as "Art Gallery". The program invites to reflect on the incidence of use in the characterization of space, being pertinent the search for a neutral space and adaptable to different uses. Consequently, the project is organized by locating the support areas in the perimeter of a rectangle, freeing the inside of the plant for the main use areas. Within this homogeneous space, transverse partitions are arranged that serve as an exhibition and define the different rooms-environments establishing a path of the same spatial hierarchy. The support space contains in its thickness the services and the gardens that filter the light and function as an intermediate space between the interior and the exterior. This is how the construction "is" according to what one wants to do: it is a house if one wants to go and live, it is a gallery if one wants to enjoy art. Desire in how to appropriate the place is what defines what "is".

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