Gellerup Nord

Gellerup Nord

Arkitema Architects
Gellerup, Denmark


Gellerup Nord | 950 municipal workplaces in Gellerup near Aarhus | Arkitema Architects

Arkitema Architects as Architects

The much debated neighbourhood, Gellerup, in Denmark second largest city Aarhus, is in a process of transformation. The area shall be rethinked, and one of the visions is to move 950 municipal workplaces to the center of the area. Arkitema Architects has been appointed the winners of the public-private-partnership competition for a 23.000m2 building, that will integrate municipal work and meeting spaces, a variety of public functions such as restaurants and cafés, an entrepreneurial "start-up environment", and a public rooftop lounge housing the municipal "City Lab". A new building with an ensemble of functions that will become an icon in itself, and set the tone for a revitalised Gellerup.

A building that renews the neighbourhood “What if one could establish a local government building, which from the beginning is intended to be different - an office building that contributes to changing the whole area? What if the building opens up as an urban space and variated, multiple and green patios are parts of both the building and the city?” asks Glenn Elmbæk, partner at Arkitema Architects. He points out, that this future scenario can be realised, when the municipal workplaces are erected.

A neighbourhood in development Around the building site some of the existing block of flats are already being transformed into residences, educational institutions and business. Adding the 950 municipal workplaces this process of change will be the kick start. To ensure urban spirit from day one, and to ensure the entrepreneurial "start-up environment", money has been allocated to establish a temporary entrepreneurial environment at the building site until the building is finished.

Panorama platform The building will be a new destination in Aarhus. The many visitors in the building, and the many new employees alone, will ensure that the building will have central importance in Aarhus.

Furthermore one can take an elevator from street level, through the building, and reach the public Roof Top Lounge. Here, one will be able to see the transformation of the whole Gellerup-area from above and also have a view of Aarhus Bay. The competition was won in a team consisting of A. Enggaard, Caverion, NIRAS, Hauxner and Arkitema Architects. The building is expected to be finished at the end of 2018.

Data Address: Edwin Rahrs vej, Brabrand Year: 2015-2018 Size: 23.000 m² including multi-storey car park on 12.500 m² Client: Aarhus Municipality PPP operator: A. Enggaard Service operator: Caverion Architects: Arkitema Architects Urban spaces: Arkitema Urban Design Engineer: Niras Strategic adviser: Hauxner Award: 1. price, public-private-partnership competition (PPP), 2015

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