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a plus samuel delmas architectes as Architects

To built in an easily flooded zone, a friendly and a warm edifice in an HEQ way of thinking while assuring the safety of the site and the longevity of the project.


Site, brief and project /

The project takes place along the boulevard. It is used as an access filter for the tracks thanks to its openwork envelope. The fence on the boulevard uses the facade system and improves its presence on the way while developing a kinetic effect when you are driving all along the building.


The building skin is constituted of vertical elements, made of strips of timber or metallic slats, regularly spaced according to their function. The envelope was made in order to solve all the constraints depending of the brief and of the site: solar protection, intimacy, modularity of the building, prefabrication, anti-intervention, anti-vandal, environmental approach…


Building & sustainable development /

Simple and rigorous volumes allow the optimisation of the way of building, the rationalization of the structure, of the envelope and of the networks.


Implementation of windbreak hedges composed of local species with persistent foliage. Preservation of the existing vegetation. Development of a biodiversity in relation with the site (humid environment). The drainage ditches allow to rid the water of pollution thanks to a system using plants.

Materials used:


Green roof

Insulation 12 cm

Concrete 8/15 cm

Steel vessel 7 cm


thickness 37.2cm

Colored concrete in the mass 6.2 cm

Rigid insulation

Paving stone of compression on tub of type

HIBOND of 12 cm

Insulation 15 cm


OUTSIDE WALL thickness 28.6 cm

Ribbed sheet steel weatherboarding of


Lacquered, coloured Liquorice 47NP

Empty of ventilation 2 cm

2 layers of isulation ( Panolère, 9cm+

Feutre 12cm)

Facing in 2 slab BA13

Outside blind

Aluminum frame fixed/ with sliding

break of thermal bridge

with low glazing emissivity

Weatherboarding of Lacquered ARGUIN type,

Coloured Liquorice 47NP

Drilled bass bib

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