The Glass Palace restored

Jo Coenen Architects & Urbanists as Architects

The Glass Palace (1935) by architect F.P.J. Peutz was designed as a department store, but over the years it has many times undergone a change of function, restoration and neglect. After restoration to its former glory, the building functions as a cultural centre that houses an art cinema, library, art and architecture centre, and catering facilities. At the same time the surroundings have been improved to such an extent that the Glass Palace has regained its prominent position in the old city centre. The façades have been fully restored on three sides in accordance with the construction drawings of 1935. Moreover, in the interior the transparency of the original building has been entirely restored, so that the rhythm of the decorative mushroom columns can be felt throughout the building again. The difference of level between Bongerd and Kerkplein has been exploited; a town hall open to the public has been located here, which offers a view of all functions. Two new elements have been added: a bar (Kerkplein) and a music school (Bongerd). Much attention has been paid to repairing the original details or to producing exact replicas of them.

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MW archstudio – Working space
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MW archstudio – Working space

N2 street, KQH Thuy Thanh Giai doan 3, Thuy Duong ward, Hue City, Vietnam - Build completed in 2019
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