Globant Iconic Building
Everik (Santiago Badino)

Globant Iconic Building

Alric Galindez as Architects


Globant Iconic Building is located in the heart of Tandil, presenting a building of great impact in the region, innovative and creative that demonstrates the technological and sustainable character promoted by the company, engaging in a direct dialogue of awareness among the building, its users and the inhabitants of the city through indicators of energy saving, innovative ways of working, the incorporation of vegetation in height and solar galleries. The technology used by the building for energy generation and saving contrasts with the choice of simple low maintenance materials, generating a fair balance between design decisions and the incorporation of "High Tech". The mixed construction system of lightened iron and concrete reduces work times while simplifying and making work spaces more flexible.


The building is removed from the Official Line, expanding and improving the entry situation from a narrow street. The transparency of the façade also plays an important role in the building-community relationship, evidencing the variety of uses and functions such as expansions, green spaces, greenhouses, services and a staircase that surrounds the building proposing a dynamic route that crosses different situations, visual and sensations to link all the levels. The ground floor frees the perimeter offering more possibilities of organization for future uses and the terrace concentrates activities of recreation and relaxation around a park of varied autochthonous vegetal species.

Project team
Lighting design
Structural engineering
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