Golf Clubhouse

Golf Clubhouse

Diaz y Diaz Arquitectos
Guitiriz, Spain
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Mark Ritchie

Golf Clubhouse in Guitiriz, Lugo

Diaz y Diaz Arquitectos as Architects

This plan for two floors is based on the functionality of the materials present in the environment. The ground floor houses the double height recreational area, created using granite slabs and cedar wood finishes, except for the ceiling, which has a structural frame composed of different woods, providing the rooms with different characters. There is an enclosed, parallelepiped volume in a central position, whose interior provides enough space to accommodate toilets, kitchens and café bar with a lounge on the top floor. The rest of the rooms are on the top floor, arranged according to functionality with a combination of woods. The floor is pale wood to bring light to the space, and the ceiling is dark wood to create a cosy feeling. There is an element that is worth a special mention: the frame of reinforced braced chestnut beams for extra lightness. A new element was also introduced: glass on the railings, which helps to dematerialize and blur the outline. Inside, other solutions were used to achieve a homely décor designed from a perspective that places importance on contrasts, without reducing the functionality of the features. The furniture was given definite prominence, as it provides contrast to the different spaces: the dark wenge wood chairs provide contrast with the bone coloured upholstery of sofas and armchairs.

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