Gordonia Private Hotel

Gordonia Private Hotel

Maale Ha’Hamishe, Israel | View Map
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Itay Sikolski

Gordonia Private Hotel

Ran & Morris Architecture & Design as Interior Architects

Perched on a peak in the Judean Mountains, the serene oasis of The Gordonia Private Hotel rises like a micro-climatic paradise in the former communal grounds of Kibbutz Ma’ale Hachamisha. Designed by Ran & Morris' studio, each of the hotel’s sixteen luxury rooms was incepted to contain, compliment and complete the natural surroundings, perfected by the majestic and endless views of Jerusalem’s peaceful outskirts. 

The Gordonia experience doesn’t start nor end in this rooms: With a long-standing know-how of the Hospitality field, Ran & Morris realized that the holiday begins while driving up the hilly vineyards and olive groves, through the picturesque landscape of Abu Gosh and Kiryat Anavim,where an Arab village and a Jewish Kibbutz live harmoniously for decades. Up the winding paths and into Ma’ale Hachamisha, a heavy metal gate chosen specifically by the architects leads the guests through a private stone path: a path that doesn’t only send them to their to their suites, but also into the forgotten views, scents and scenery of yesteryear’s charm.

When approaching this commission, Ran & Morris knew that their design must be based on a profound research that would not only generate creativity but also an exciting result for the clients and user. Thankfully, they discovered that it is not by chance that The Gordnia Private Hotel is steeped in such a nostalgic atmosphere.

Today, two of the remaining units from the ‘House of Lords’ received a major facelift by Ran & Morris, who also designed two additional buildings that together form the four villas of Hotel. Each of the villas contains four 35-sqm suites that extends into a floating-like wooden deck, where a private, heated pool reflects both the villa’s traditional Jerusalem Stone cladding and the clear blue sky above. Between the villas, which are divided on different topographical levels, communal terraces provide semi-public gatherings and winding green paths connect the layers within an abundance of luscious greenery.

Inside the rooms, floor-to-ceiling windows frame the magnificent views. Above, exposed wooden beams cast a domestic warmth and a spacious ambiance. Other choices of materials include traditional raw wood, metal and stone, utilized simply to create innovative solutions such as the bed’s backboard which is formed as a piece of its own. This reflects Ran & Morris’ decision to utilize timeless design rather than fleeting trends; much like the nature around, meant for eternity.

This delicate merging of old and new continues into the Hotel’s Lounge: A 160-sqm public space dedicated to the well being of the hotel guests. It is designed with unique textures that is created by the choice of natural-toned furniture combined with eclectic, geometrical-inspired carpets and patterns. Extensive libraries act as a separator to the kitchen area, which is open 24/7 to serve guests with fresh meals from local produce. Various seating enclosures create intimate spaces, hosted by the innovative, fabric-based acoustic ceiling that enables simultaneous conversations in complete privacy. The focal point of the room is the 10-meter wide window, framing the best piece of art around.

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