Guateque Office

Guateque Office

Lago Xochimilco 135, Anáhuac I Secc, 11320 Ciudad de México, CDMX, Mexique - Build completed in 2016
Luis Gallardo, LGM Studio

Guateque Office

Estudio Atemporal as Architects

Located in the Anáhuac neighborhood of Mexico City in a space that years ago served as a Factory.

The space consists of two large areas: a warehouse with a structure based on columns and a saw-tooth roof; and a three-level building with an institutional characteristic.

On one hand, the first section, the warehouse, becomes a kind of workshop that is modulated through two large iron frameworks that divide the space into three; two offices and a central area used for leisure activities or general meetings, the three of them articulated by a mezzanine that allows to create private spaces both on the upper floor and on the ground floor.

Thanks to these few elements, the structure of the original building becomes protagonist; concrete columns and exposed cinder block walls make contrast with all the furniture that was specially designed for each space.

The architectural posture reconsiders the use of this type of offices as completely private and isolated spaces; it suggests movement and interaction with other people in order to enrich the work of everyone.

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