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GV Apartment

GV Apartment

Barcelona, Spain | View Map
Project Year
Adrià Goula

GV Apartment

MDBA as Architects

The GV project illustrats a contemporary situation: the transformation of a classic typology of the neighborhood of the Ensanche of Barcelona, in a work space.

The project solves this dichotomy, assuming the main characteristics of the property. The structure and the arrangement of hollows in facade and in the interior patios, allows to liberate completly the area of work, and to obtain in this way a flexible space characterized by the principal architectural elements of the house.

The project pursues the definition of an atmosphere, capable of giving identity to the field of work. The space is understood as flexible, capable of adapting to future situations but that does not elude,a clear and committed disposition of its main elements.

In a fluid way are succeding different areas that organize the daily working scenarios. Fields, which establish and organize the multitude of sequences of operation and that allow to perceive the space as separated fromthe scale of the same.

This is what happens in the meeting area, facing the street and the common work area, around what are located the private work areas. Similarly, the rest of the rooms that make up the office are linked to form a space with its own character.

A space in which its atmosphere is defined by continuous surfaces in all the walls, in a dark tonality, that seek to contrast with the external luminosity. Materials that mix textures and solve the set that always seeks the mayor simplicity and comfort within the scope of work.

A simplicity, which is adopted in all decisions that guide the project, to achieve an orderly and balanced space.

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CeramicsHuguet Rajoles Hidrauliques
FabricsTapisseria Teixidó
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