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Product Spec Sheet
by Xingfa

H.A House

Nguyen Khai Architects & Associates as Architects

Hue, a city in the middle of Vietnam, is where the intense year-round sunlight and heavy rain are among its unique charm. The weather is one of many reasons leading to the well-known architectural style called “Hue garden house.” However, the residential area is becoming smaller and more expensive than ever due to the high speed of urbanism along with the increasing demand for construction in new planning areas. The typical townhouse, therefore, becomes the best choice for many people despite its poor condition of natural light and ventilation, the deficiency of indoor-nature, and the lack of connection space for its members. To solve these problems, H.A House was born.

H.A House is located in the new urban area, with 5m in width and 21m in length. It is designed for a married couple and two kids, who wish to live in a house full of light, wind, and trees.

The design of the house focuses on creating continuous open spaces. Walls are replaced by doors that can fold and slide to their maximum. The split-level floors create different air pressure and optimize the ventilation process. Besides, all the bathrooms and the storage room are moved to the west side of the house to help prevent heat radiation. With the efficient management of space, materials, energy, and natural elements, artificial equipment becomes unnecessary.

To reduce intense sunlight and improve ventilation, trees are grown vertically in random empty blocks of the west-side wall, on the rooftop, in front of, or behind the house. The presence of trees in and outside the house creates a peaceful atmosphere and a connection to nature. It allows the residents some moments to balance the material and spiritual life.

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