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Hall-Peterson Bergfeld

Signum Architecture as Architects

Built in 1885, time and the elements had taken a toll on this historic winery, which was shuttered by Prohibition and then reopened after repeal as a precursor to Napa Valley’s custom crush concept. The owners wanted to bring this treasure back to life as an extension of their new state-of-the art winery. 

Preserving as much of the historic building as possible, the rest was rebuilt with modern materials and fittings that evoke the original ambiance, while setting the stage for contemporary winery life. Upstairs is now a soaring and open event venue. Walls of tongue and groove Douglas fir are warm and evocative. The original floor was protected during construction and carefully cleaned to retain its patina. The original portal is now an expansive viewing window with sliding glass rail or solid barn door options. When open, panoramic views of vineyards and mountains fill 

the room.

Downstairs, barrel storage is pushed to opposite edges of the room and an oversized harvest table is nestled in the middle to accommodate group experiences.

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12G BR House
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12G BR House

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12G Broadrick Road, Singapore - Build completed in 2021
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