Hezhitang Hot Spring

Hezhitang Hot Spring

Community Centres
Heilongjiang, China - Build completed in 2014

Hezhitang Hot Spring

A-ASTERISK as Architects

1. Sense of Security: The project is located in the severe environment in a snowfield stretched as far as the eye could see. Often the temperature here drops minus 40 degree Celsius. It is not a convenient metropolitan city, nor in topography of hills and valleys. Visitors are fascinated with the extraordinary nature in the beginning of travel, but the unusual scenery can make them feel desolate. We wanted to design the building to embrace visitors with sense of security and relaxation. The powerful straighten volume of façade in black shows the presence in the white field to warmly welcome visitors.

2.Unity with the Wetland: In order to create a sense of unity to the Zhalong wetland, we have created horizontal tube shape as main spaces with the windows facing to the outside. After the long travel, the visitors arrive to this facility under diffusions of consciousness because of infinity view of horizon. We are showing the scenery of wetland through the tube architecture instead of showing it off directly so that it provides human-scale impression and sense of harmony to the visitors.

3.Visitor Experience: This hot spring bath facility is for people to enjoy unexpected experience far away from ordinal life. We wanted to give visitors surprises and delighted feelings as a journey in the building. In order to create the journey, we have emphasized differences of design elements. A sense of horizontal line connected to the wetland and black material at entrance hall provides excitement while visitors are checking-in. Then intentionally lowered ceiling at corridor makes visitors to calm. Then finally visitors are surrounded with hot spring bath with a strong sense of connection to the enormous wetland. We believe our architecture provides a sequence of unusual experience.

4.Efficient Management: Since the facility is built in inconvenient location, it is difficult to find sufficient number of staff. In order to minimise necessity of manpower, efficient circulation plan was carefully considered. There are three pillars of management: total management, cleaning/concierge and F&B. Typically these types of management requires individual entries, however we have made them located at backyard on North East corner so that they can be well connected and easy for cars to access. Also linen supply, which is one of the most complicated tasks for public bath operation, can be easily accessed from both men’s and women’s changing rooms.

Project team
Arnhem Rozet
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