HOF Vitoria

Vaillo + Irigaray as Architects

PLACE The building is located, as many new buildings of this type-in "no man's land, border areas between areas of urban development: a place that does not belong to any of the three urban areas that surround it: industrial zone, the former front ring-back-and redevelopment of a shopping center ... somehow the place is an urban hinge between them, and possibly his rationale. In this way the building's location makes it a "door" or reference area between the urban fabric, and maybe get his strength because of its peculiar location, where the "landscape" has always been essentially flat, factories, warehouses, barracks ...

PROGRAM The standard establishes a dual use of the total: 2 / 3 for offices and 1 / 3 to hotel. The property set from the beginning to build 2 different volumes together for shop space. The space "resulting free" would be used for public space, creating a "place" as early access to the building.

PROPOSAL The proposal opts to build a cubic block for a hotel, and a rectangular parallelepiped -16 heights-street parallel to the penetration of the city, so that accompanies the act of proclaiming Avenue access. Geometry provides a volumetric offset between the 2 buildings: a tower and a bucket: a slim volume offset by another compact cube. Both establish a complementary composition yet serene, generating the only "urban tension" throughout the area, relying on "making the city" from the architecture, given the impossibility of "urbanism." The solution proposes a dual urban scale: a nearby home, and another on a "milestone" or reference, according to the crossroads of the environment in which located.

UNIT This would give a unitary reading of the performance, despite the different geometry, volume and use of the two buildings. He advocates use of similar materials but with different configurations: aluminum louvers wrap the glass facades. The lattice allows a double reading: the unification of the two volumes and the perception of the composition of each, depending on the angle of vision: from afar or from the front, the lattice disappears and shows the inner box of glass and shades , the skewed vision, offers a compact volume of "coarse", which outlines the pure geometry of each body.

LANGUAGE AND MATERIALS The project reflects the actual construction system employed and its image is reflected and re-construction of self: sum of layers of concrete, "filled" glass-box-and u.glass aluminum lattice that surrounds and protects from sun and the wind. The project involves a rigorous constructive exercise, looking for maximum simplicity of construction and greater operational efficiency, with cheap materials and no maintenance. The materials are appropriate to the site and the geometry, giving a new "scale" urban reading, not only by the size, but by finding a "grain" and "texture" that transcends its own internal domestic scale: the "pixel gross" that offer color and scale glass crease "deployé giant with his own light-dark metallic color, provide a dual source capable of reacting from within" user "or near-far outside as "driver or pedestrian."

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