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House A 236

StudioDiDeA as Architects

Studio DiDeA reconfigures a two levels penthouse in Palermo to create a luminous and spacious house, overlooking the city harbor.

The 180 smq apartment is an articulate space where sunlight, an essential colour palette ,and space saving furniture define the project.

Entering the house you approach a double space - on the east side the kitchen and dining room, on the west side the living - separated by a sliding glazed door, which emphasizes the brightness of the house.

In the kitchen, bespoke wood furniture, a marbled countertop that becomes a small table for quick snack, a dining table and a kitchen cupboard delineate the room.The living room is an essential space with white couches, a tv&stereo wood cabinet, and a panoramic view on the city.

By choosing to open up the slab between the two levels, DiDeA made the dining room a higher and wider space, flood with sunlight; the Mooi Random Ligh suspended over the table underlines the double height space.

From the dining room, you can access the night area, composed by the master bedroom with bathroom, the second bathroom, a small laundry and a single room.

The wood-clad stair leading up to the second level appears as a distinct and tactile element that emerges as “a vertical bridge “ as DiDeA explains.

On the upper level, a boardwalk conceived as a suspend volume leads to a multifunctional guests room where relaxing, watching tv, or sleeping.

All the furniture of the house is bespoke and designed by DiDeA so as to optimize the space planning, providing with storage where necessary and accomodate any guests.

The choice of material confirms the essential design approach : warm grey gres tiles on the floors, total white for the walls and dark brown of the wood furnitures.


Kerakoll Design House as Architects

A reconfigured two level penthouse in Palermo creates a luminous and spacious house with warm grey tiles on the floors, total white for the walls and dark brown for the wood furniture. An exploration in colour and texture, pathways of colour lead from white to black through the richness of neutral and natural tones. And furthermore, from smooth and silky surfaces to those grained and irregular.

Seamless surfaces and innovative materials - cement, resin, handcrafted wood, micro-coatings and paints - are used throughout.Ten innovative materials used range from cement and resin for seamless floorings and coatings such as Cementoresina, Cementoflex and Cementocrudo; to the Legno+Color parquet in the three sizes of small, medium and large; the microresina coatings — Wallcrete and Wallpaper; the decorative paints — Paint, Patina, Decor and finally baseboard invisible.

More from the Manufacturer:

International style fused with an appeal that is both industrial and contemporary all distinguish the new project, the Kerakoll Design House, seamless surfaces and a coordinated color scheme for this house with a contemporary design.

Far from just an assemblage of individual surfaces, this is a complete project featuring innovative materials — cement, resins, handcrafted wood, micro-coatings, paints — coordinated by a warm and fascinating palette of colors.

Kerakoll Design House is a natural development for Kerakoll as part of their experience of interior design for the home environment. Under the direction of Piero Lissoni, the materials, textures and colors are able to dialogue and merge into a coherent musical score generating sophisticated harmonies of colors and materials.

A fresh idea for the home, one never before seen, characterized by a powerful and distinctive personality where the interiors are decorated entirely by hand in the style and taste of those who will inhabit it, creating innovative eco-friendly surfaces that possess a refined aesthetic quality and express craftsmanship at its finest.

New living spaces born from a desire to personalize the home with products that are less standardized and more relevant to new lifestyles, dynamic products featuring new technologies that enable the design of the home to be rapidly changed.

Kerakoll Design House is a new and alternative brand, capable of revitalizing the definition of home styling.

The atmosphere of the Warm collection reflects the exclusive and sophisticated exploration of textures, finishes and colors in the unmistakable style of Piero Lissoni. An elegant pathway of colors that leads from white to black through the richness of neutral and natural tones, where each color possesses its own strong identity that is further enhanced when side-by-side with the others. But it is also a tactile and material experience: from smooth silky surfaces to those that are naturally grained and irregular. And finally it is a refined visual experience: from the mineral veining to the elegance of the imperfections of handcrafting and to the refractions of light that create a charming and elegant atmosphere of pure style.

Kerakoll Design House is a complete interior design project composed of ten innovative materials ranging from cement and resin for seamless floorings and coatings such as Cementoresina®, Cementoflex® and Cementocrudo®; to the Legno+Color® parquet in the three sizes of small, medium and large; the microresina® coatings — Wallcrete® and Wallpaper®; the decorative paints — Paint®, Patina®, Decor® and finally the baseboard Invisibile®

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