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House B - House for Mark Spitz: somewhere on the sea gianluca milesi architecture

House B - House for Mark Spitz: somewhere on the sea gianluca milesi architecture

gianluca milesi architecture
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House B - House for Mark Spitz: somewhere on the sea gianluca milesi architecture

gianluca milesi architecture as Architects

House B - House for Mark Spitz: somewhere on the sea gianluca milesi architecture, Milan, italy

This project is a particular architecture because is conceived changing the order of the single elements of the “composition” . This is not a house with a swimming pool but a swimming pool with a house.

We imagined to have a phone call from Mark Spitz asking us to design his house. Is notorious that Mark Spitz has been an Olympic champion of swimming so, beside thinking to locate the house on a sea shore, we thought he would be happy to have a private swimming pool and to be free to swim every moment he needed to do it.

So the main concept of this project has been to focus the architectural program of this house on the emphasis of a swimming pool and to consider the swimming pool the main character of the project.

But, because the swimming pool would be the “center” of the project, we thought that should be put in big evidence and immediately perceived. We designed a swimming pool outside of the ground, suspended in the air and visible from all its sides. We wanted to be seen what is usually not visible in a swimming pool. On the other hand, as we stated earlier, we wanted the house to be at the service of the swimming pool (and the sea) and not vice versa. The water should become the main “material” to build the house.

The swimming pool, designed a s a glass box, is suspended by a steel structure over the ground and connected to the house and to the sea by a long steep stair and the house itself is conceived to be a “support” or an extension for the swimming pool. The roof house is thought as a swimming pool shore or a beach or, better, an artificial symbolic transposition of a beach. The house is a very simple steel and glass architecture open visually to the outside and obscured when necessary by external metal fabric curtains. The architecture of the house, because of the particular way in which it was conceived, is definitely surprising, and the program elements are assembled according to a non common and non “architectonically correct” way. For these reasons we think that the House for Marc Spitz could be an example suitable of becoming a XS project; it is a small residential project that stands out for the originality of its conception and its design.

This house wants simply to propose to design architecture starting from a different pint of view.

House B - House for Mark Spitz:

location: somewhere on the sea design: gianluca milesi architecture square footage: 220 s. m. c.a. + swimming pool materials: stainless steel, glass, metal fabric curtains furniture: custom designed furniture

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