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House between trees

House between trees

AS Arquitectura
Quintana Roo, Mexico | View Map
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Private Houses
David Cervera

House between trees

AS Arquitectura as Architects

It is a residential house of approximatly 550 m2, located on the outskirts of Playa del Carmen, Quintana Roo. It is a contemporary house designed with the concept of spatial fluidity, always seeking the exterior/interior integration through the design of a central courtyard that links spaces and allows visuals to flow through it , but also to the rest of the land that preserves endemic vegetation without being altered.

The location of the project responds to preserving the existing vegetation, by only taking the areas with less flora to develop the architectural program and form the main courtyard aro und a group of trees as a linchpin.

The concept of fluidity is achieved from opening all the spaces to the main courtyard, integrating the outside with the inside and vice versa, creating virtually larger spaces, that are more lit an d naturally ventilate d, where all the rooms of the house enjoy the view of the outside. This opening allows spaces to operate with natural lighting and ventilation throughout the day, reducing the need for electric power consumption.

Formally the house is a large slab perfora ted in the center that embraces a body of significant trees, delimitating the interior spaces, and connecting public and private spaces. This slab rests on a series of walls that direct visual onto the central courtyard and to the rest of the land, framing the view in a harmonious way.

On the other hand, for the finishes, materials of the region were used like the stone placed in an artisan way, called Rajuela, taken as inspiration from the albarradas of the mayan houses, which also se rves as the main stru ctural element of the great slab. Concrete plasters are also used in combination with the chukum tree resin, which, in addition to having waterproof properties, achieves greater harmony with the pre existing elements in the field and p rovide a warm natural color. The house gives the user a sense of spaciousness through the correct manegement of light and the contact with nature, which allows a greater sense of comfort and increases the quality of life of the user. The organic architect ure of the house ensu res that the main protagonist in the project is the vegetation and that the design melts perfectly within the context.

Material Used :

1. Chukum - Walls - Chukum
2. Chukum - plateau - Chukum
3. Mosaics - Floor/Walls Interceramic
4. Ceramic Tile - Floor/Walls - Interceramic

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Walls, PlateauChukum
Floor/Walls - Mosaics, Ceramic TileInterceramic
Product Spec Sheet
Walls, Plateau
by Chukum
Floor/Walls - Mosaics, Ceramic Tile
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