House Far 1

House Far 1

Arezzo, Tuscany, Italy
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House Far 1


This house is an architectural device to select the sunlight. The architectural shape is strongly characterized by large elements that have the purpose to catch the natural light; the composition emphasizes these elements that have been transformed in large towers and volumes protagonists of the architecture. The whole is such a device to selection of the natural light, oriented to optimize the internal visual comfort. The sunlight is captured at the high levels and channeled vertically until to the main level and then below toward the underground through linear cuts separating the orizontal floors from the vertical perimetral surfaces. Every floor becomes an abstract architectural element detached from the walls to allow this light flow; the feeling that the customer will receive is a sensation of a total spatial fluidity horizontally and vertically that will allow visual axis very long with a great deepness underlined by the natural light.

The detachment of the floors has been thought also with the intent to create plans shaped differently for each different level, forming balconies and views from which it will be possible to see the internal and the external environments in one unique whole uninterrupted space's flow. These vertical spaces will allow also the passive control of the internal microclimate evacuating the excess heat through the sunlight-towers and creating a natural circulation from the lower level to the higher level.

CLIENT’S PROGRAM: - Main level containing the entrance, the living room with a fireplace, the opened kitchen, the main bedroom with its own bathroom and a studio with a service bathroom for the living room. - First level containing two small bedrooms with a common bathroom and a secondary living room with a big terrace. - Underground with the laundry, the technical room, a bathroom and a big kitchen with a big relax area.

DIMENSIONS: Around 250 square meters distributed on three levels.

STATE: under construction

MAIN MATERIALS: The structure will be a concrete frame; the perimetral wall will be formed by a double-layered wall with a central foam insulation panel. The surfaces will be all finished as plaster surfaces and the ceilings will be completed using plasterboard panels containing the cooling system, and the artificial lighting and the heating system will be a panel system under the flooring. The huge glass surfaces will be realised using insulated, triple glass panels. The big volume at the third level will be covered externally using wood elements. The internal usable surfaces will be realized with wood floorings and the external surfaces will be formed by wood floating elements or using a simple gravel surface or grass, according with the different functional destination.

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Casa Palto
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