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Babahoyo, Ecuador
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Cristhian Guerrero

The traditional as a strategy and the place as a resource

Natura Futura Arquitectura as Architects

The traditional as a strategy and the place as a resource

•Architects: Natura Futura Arquitectura •Location: Babahoyo, Ecuador •Architect a charge: José Fernando Gómez M •Construction area: 85 m2 •Year Project: 2016 •Photographs: Cristhian Guerrero

Located in the city of Babahoyo, Provincia de los Ríos, Ecuador, the House for someone like me, is built on a vulnerable young suburb in problems of insecurity, with a population growth in increase, new constructions and individuality neighborhood. Vero, the owner, a young entrepreneur and mother of two children, manages its own business, in the center of the city, sells fruit and vegetables. We are considering, a dwelling which is conducive to the best possible use of its field of 7×20 m, the proposal within the territory is a minimum of 2 bedrooms (one with bathroom), a integrator environment that consists of a dining room, living room, kitchen, bathroom and courtyard of shared general service.

Ecuador has a total population of 14'483.499 inhabitants (INEC), approximately 40 % busy people occupationally receive around 1 and 3 minimum wages. By its capacity to pay workers have access to housing that ranges from 20,000 to 30,0000 dollars. Within the economic framework in the country currently there is the urban social housing bonus, with credit to the constructor and credit the beneficiary of up to $30,000, within this margin is proposed to define a response of housing, with capability to extend to future and become own business, on the basis of a participatory process and generator of positive impacts, through different strategies such as the application of principles of sustainable design, use of natural materials and local low energy incorporated and the participation of the local labor.

Its materiality constructive experience basic typologies of envelopes, using the composition as a tool of exploration. It is built with masonry concrete block with overlap, crude bricks in its entirety, doors and windows of archetypes traditional wood and metal, eaves large as a response to the tropical climate of the region.

To foster dialog with the outside, the doors of living room are folded in its entirety, becoming a space of connection and convergence of activities. The composition of the enclosure, seeks to establish, through relationships of openness and visual, boosting the sense of belonging, security gained, community relations, situations of proximity, confidence and care that are generated at the level neighborhood and that encourage good-neighborly relations. An architecture, which encourages the game and the reflection on the way how we question the possibility of having a solution of city closest to reality.

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