House in Gardelegui

House in Gardelegui

Roberto Ercilla Arquitectura
Gardélegui (Vitoria), Spain | View Map
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César San Millán

House in Gardelegui

Roberto Ercilla Arquitectura as Architects

In the flatlands area called the Llanada Alavesa, the old isolated buildings which make up small rural nuclei resemble large warehouses. They are generally heavy buildings with a very simple volumetry, gabled roofs, and small windows.

New buildings must be created around this typology.

To achieve large glass openings without modifying the exterior, we used a simple resource; we placed windows inside the façade. The arrangement of the openings frames the landscape from several points of view.

The unitary image is maintained but does not give up ample interior lighting.

The final volume is complemented by a free-standing fireplace, exterior platforms and enclosure walls, which lengthen the building and help to understand it as part of its surroundings.

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