House in Hikarimachi

House in Hikarimachi

Kasuga, Japan
Project Year
Koichi Torimura

House in Hikarimachi

rhythmdesign as Architects

This is a three-story house with the steel structure, located in a condensed residential area. A family wished a new dwelling which makes expansive lifestyle possible at this site. The wishes are in response to series of events like the change of lifestyle, growth of children, etc. The family used to live in a two-story house with wooden structure at the same place. They lived and enjoyed the nature and surrounding environment. For instance, they did housework and changed places where they were in the house by corresponding to the movement of the sun, the moon and how the natural light comes in. Through the old house which was extended and renovated again and again, it was really easy to imagine how they were enjoying their lives actively. In the process of the project, we found that the underground water level is higher than we thought, and there needs to be parking space for two cars. From the conditions, we decided to design living room as a center of the house on the second floor. In terms of cost performance, strength and thickness of walls, we chose steel brace structure. On the shape of the house which was designed through the process, we designed openings to invite outdoor elements into indoors by responding sensuous lifestyle of the family. For this dwelling, we considered that the sensuous lifestyle of the family ,cultivated through the long term life at the site, would be more important elements of the design than any other design rules we set up.

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