House in Magarikane 2

House in Magarikane 2

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Private Houses
Toshiyuki Yano

House in Magarikane 2


A plan to build a house by drawing a corner of the site that was used as farmland in a residential area in Shizuoka City. This project was requested from how to divide the site and anticipated future changes in the entire site. The owner of the land goes to this site, for example, a discerning bakery, We hope that the area will be lined up with a bunch of barbershops and miscellaneous general stores.This site pen is a stepping stone.

On the other hand, there are no strong requests or conditions for the client's family. (It's not completely absent, but there is nothing that will definitely determine how the building should be).

Many of them were entrusted to us. Among the few requests, there was no need for a large room. I felt humble or asked for something reasonable. The owner of the site, who was a relative, told me that I wanted him to build a cute house. A simple and cute hut, I thought of a house that gathered on this site and stuck together. Because there are 5 small huts, I wanted to create a mysterious impression that looks like one piece.

The interior space is opened and closed Dynamically connected or made into a small private room. By changing flexibly according to the life scene, I wanted to meet the needs of clients and owners. I always want to think of a building as a “person”. Since I was born in the form of completion, I grew up in my life with the owner, I think it would be nice to be loved and have a long and happy life, sometimes hurting and sometimes changing shape. Here, a house like five brothers was made. The heights are different, but everyone is similar and polite. I want you to grow up slowly.

Material Used :

1. Roof: Galvalume steel plate Apollo roof

2. Building ventilation: Galvalume building S type 909mm (TANITA)

3. Exterior wall: Magic coat finish (Fukuko)

4. Ventilation member: Air passage sheet APM method t5 (Yamanaka Seisakusho)

5. Inner wall: Feather feel, roller finish (Planet Japan)

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Project Credits
Product Spec Sheet

Inner wall: Feather feel, roller finish Planet Japan co.Ltd
Building ventilation: Galvalume building S type 909mmTANITA
Product Spec Sheet
Inner wall: Feather feel, roller finish
Building ventilation: Galvalume building S type 909mm
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