House in the Woods

House in the Woods

WEYES estudio
Santiago, N.L., Mexico
Project Year
Private Houses
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House in the Woods

WEYES estudio as Architects

Single Family home consisting of 4 small pavilions, linked by exterior walkways, respectfully blended with the forest, covered by the treetops and floated off the ground.


Four small pavilions were guided by the trees and the topography to remain very silent, respectful of the environment. Wrapped in forest; covered by the treetops and floated off the ground. There are connections between them by light walkways, which improve the interior-exterior experience. The architecture and its users live in symbiosis with the forest; they become part of and supplement the natural micro-ecosystem.


You seea simple construction, without technical complications, with a lot of detail in the placement of its materials. There is a wide variety of apparent materials that will age with dignity over time and will blend with the surroundings.


We translated the love for nature and the original lifestyle of users into a "minimal footprint"; not to destroy natural contexts but to build in conjunction with them.


Minimum Footprint

For energy, rather than producing, consume the minimum.

For water consumption, use gravity and reduce usage.

For rain, allow infiltration into subsoil and natural water streams avoiding erosion.

For flora and fauna, integrate ourselves into their cycles.

For substrate, regenerate what has been damaged by the human footprint.

For the economic factor, solve from the most logical local resources.

For lighting, take advantage of daylight and reduce night lighting consumption.

For temperature control, traditional passive systems.

For technology, focus communications and simplify everyday tasks.

For useful life, recognize our environment. 

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Project Credits
Environmental consultant and landscape
The Bergeron Centre for Engineering Excellence
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The Bergeron Centre for Engineering Excellence

90-94 York Blvd, North York, ON M3J, Canada - Build completed in 2016
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