House JR

House JR

Lagoa, S.Miguel Island, Azores, Portugal | View Map
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Private Houses

House JR

SALWORKS, LDA. as Architects

The house is implanted on a sea front lot below street level, thus hiding its volumetry, and is built around a quadrangular patio that protects it from the sea. The upper storey is the only visible element of this house that tries to keep as abstract and closed to the outside as possible.


The patio organizes both the social program of the house — developed in an open space concept between living room, dining room and kitchen — and the more private program — the bedrooms — to which is added a multifunction room aimed at absorbing other uses.


The topography and the difference in level in relation to the street allowed the west side of the house to be completed with a pool that adds thickness to the relationship with the neighbor in addition to gaining a dominant position over the view.


The use of microconcrete and Japanese cedar wood finishing aimed at making the language of the house as clean as possible.


The Atlantic Ocean to the south and the line in the horizon remained the natural boundaries of the house and the landscaped to look at.

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