House of iron

House of iron

Kiyotoshi Mori Natsuko Kawamura MDS
-, Japan

House of iron

Kiyotoshi Mori Natsuko Kawamura MDS as Architects

The systematic steel plate structure

The most important feature of this project is a proposal of a new construction method with the steel plate. The number of buildings without the column made with the steel plate has increased, but it is needed high welding technology in the case of the most. As for insulation that relies on special paints, to pursue thinness, the doubt remains in the heat environment in winter. When the steel plate is used outside, measures of the heat bridge are difficult. We aimed at realizing the structure body of the thin wall which considered heat environment without needing a craftsman with high technology by making it a simple systematic method of construction. Additionally, we aimed at the construction method that would have generality in the future.

A lot of general light channel steels [450×75×6] are continuously connected with the bolts. They are walls of the thickness of about 10cm including the finish material, and the structure with the wall has achieved the building of four stories and 10m in height. The channel steel is not finished up in the indoor side, and the heat insulator is filled the outside. As a result, the heat bridge is prevented, and a comfortable thermal environment is secured

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